Ashley Martson is taking advantage of the COVID-19 quarantine and she wants everyone to know that she is enjoying it. The former "90 Day Fiancé" cast member took to Instagram this week to show her fans what she is doing while stuck at home. Martson uploaded a series of videos on her Instagram account in the past few days. According to her, the COVID-19 quarantine may not be as bad for her as she expected. In one of the clips, she recorded herself dancing in front of the mirror while smiling.

While a lot of her fans applauded her for thinking positively, some also criticized her for making light of the pandemic.

According to some comments, she should be more sensitive about the things she puts out online because other people are suffering. She posted on Instagram "Damn, maybe this quarantine isn’t so bad after all."

Martson's complicated dating life after '90 Day Fiancé'

Ashley Martson appeared on "90 Day Fiancé" with her ex-husband, Jay Smith. They raised eyebrows among the show's fans for their confusing life choices in the reality series. The couple is among the rare pairings on the show who did not meet online. They first saw each other in Jamaica, where Martson was attending a friend's wedding. They were already attracted to each other at the time.

Then, they talked on social media and fell in love with each other.

After a few months, Martson flew back to Jamaica to propose to Smith. Their appearance on the show showed the challenges Smith faced when he moved to Marton's house in Pennsylvania. He had to adjust to living with her and her two daughters. Smith also had to learn the various differences between the cultures of America and Jamaica the hard way.

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson eventually married in Las Vegas. However, they had a major argument not long after because she found out Smith is using the dating app Tinder. Because of that, she filed for divorce in January 2019. But, she temporarily changed her mind because she wanted to work on fixing their marriage. However, someone informed her that Smith cheated on her.

This became the last straw, leading her to file for divorce again in April last year. The courts finalized their divorce in October.

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson on TikTok

It looks like Jay Smith and Ashley Martson have already made peace with each other. The couple recently appeared together on Smith's TikTok videos. In one of the videos, the two reality stars are seen dancing together while drinking. Based on the caption, Smith is not really worried about the COVID-19 quarantine that is going on right now.

The TikTok videos surprised a lot of their fans. The two have already divorced each other. Fans did not even think that the former couple still has a congenial relationship. Now, they are asking if the two are back together but Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have not confirmed anything.