When Calls the Heart” is heating up for the fans and favorite characters in Season 7. A beloved citizen of Hope Valley is heating up in tonight's March 15 episode of the drama, “Sweet and Sour,” and not in a good way. Rosemary Coulter, exquisitely captured as “When Calls the Heart’s” most exuberant civic booster by Pascale Hutton, is stricken with chickenpox and a high fever that keeps the busiest lady in town bedridden.

The “When Calls the Heart” writers certainly couldn't have foreseen the current worldwide pandemic of the COVID-19 virus months ago.

What they certainly could imagine is that Constable Nathan Grant portrayed by Kevin McGarry and the philanthropic saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, brought to the screen by Chris McNally, certainly want to do whatever possible to prevent their community from widespread disease.

Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry looked like they were trying to copy each other when they stopped by “Home & Family” for a visit, posted March 13. On-screen, the two Canadian actors offer genuine but very different possibilities for Elizabeth Thornton. They also want the best for Hope Valley, which both characters now call home. They had lots of fun talking about shots on horseback and having a great time at the “When Calls the Heart” Season 7 wrap party.

‘When Calls the Heart’ fans feel divided over the characters of Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry

To look at Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry sitting side-by-side on the morning show’s sofa, it would be easy to think the two stars were competitors in a beard contest. Host Cameron Mathison noted their equal distribution of facial “scruff.” That was only a fun opener.

Co-host Debbie Matenopoulos, however, noted another very real point of contention involving the guys-- the split between #TeamLucas and #TeamNathan among the fervently faithful “When Calls the Heart” fan base.

“It's fun to be part of something that's divided the fan base,” Kevin McGarry declared, with Chris McNally nodding in agreement.

Both stars know that few TV Shows ever cultivate such viewer loyalty.

The actor was very right in saying that the split is basically “right down the middle.” The co-hosts each read opinions on both sides, and perhaps the best solution came from one “Heartie” who suggested a Monday-Wednesday-Friday toss to Nathan and a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday loyalty to Lucas, with Sunday being “a day of rest.” It's no wonder that Erin Krakow is enjoying playing Elizabeth this season, deservedly enjoying the more pronounced attention from the gentleman, yet still keeping her son as the apple of her eye.

Chris and Kevin talk about code words and camera shots on horseback for ‘When Calls the Heart’

In a preview snippet, Nathan Grant and Lucas Bouchard are on a cooperative mission to prevent the spread of illness in Hope Valley.

Nathan is dubious about Lucas’ insistence that he is doing his part for “the town.” Instead, he feels that only Elizabeth is the reason for the saloon owner’s involvement.

Lucas has made clear that he has no deceptive motives for his civic-minded gestures, such as donating the building for the library and lighting spectacular lanterns above the skies in Hope Valley for the “When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas” episode. Kevin McGarry playfully employs air quotes to declare that “’ The town’ is a reference for Erin.” Chris McNally doesn't contest.

Chris McNally is an avid dog lover and an outspoken advocate for pet adoption. Kevin McGarry honed his horsemanship on the contemporary family ranch drama, “Heartland,” and he offered some close-up advice on getting a good shot while on horseback.

He gladly demonstrated the technique of delivering a line and then backing up slightly rather than just riding off.

“I did that wrong, I noticed,“ Chris McNally noted. “I'll do that next time.” Saloon owners aren’t born to be equestrian superstars.

Chris McNally puts out a full spread for ‘When Calls the Heart’

“I love to host-- hosting is my hobby,” Chris McNally relates regarding the wrap party he threw for his “When Calls the Heart” family. A few pictures of a Charcuterie Board from the event were shared, and the actor teased that “Chris's Bar” would open soon at his apartment.

In all seriousness, McNally does have years of bartending experience gained while he made his living before his full-time acting aspirations were fulfilled.

He enjoys sharing his wizardry mixology skills with friends. He looks toward a plan of opening his own establishment in the future.

For now, both Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry are very content with their accommodations and kind hearts of Hope Valley on “When Calls the Heart” and millions of guests are happy to come over every Sunday night.