Erin Krakow of “When Calls the Heart” loves to show her lively sense of humor and her love for her castmates. Over the weekend, she posted birthday greetings to Jack Wagner, the veteran actor who brings the bite along with the big heart to judge, Bill Avery on the drama. Erin trusted Bill enough to make him a Godparent to her son, Jack, as Elizabeth on-screen, and in her birthday greeting, she praised that Wagner was “sweeter than a giant plate of cookies” on social media.

Birthdays and babies are cause for celebration on “When Calls the Heart” and in real life for one of Erin Krakow’s castmates, Andrea Brooks.

Like the rest of the cast, Brooks is busy at work shooting Season 7 of “When Calls the Heart,” but took time to commemorate one of the most meaningful moments in any woman's life with a stunning maternity photoshoot, featured by Entertainment Tonight on October 4. The same day, Entertainment Tonight queried the cast of the drama known as “the heart of the Hallmark Channel” to declare themselves as “Team Nate” or “Team Lucas.” While the question was daunting, Erin Krakow, Andrea Brooks, and more of the cast had a lot to say about their decisions.

Who to choose?

Naturally, the dashing actors in question, Kevin McGarry, as Mountie Nathan Grant, and Chris McNally, as saloon owner Lucas Bouchard, both have to root for the men they portray.

The stars share a playful and robust friendship, however, even wearing T-shirts promoting the other in a cast “team battle.” McGarry contends that Nathan perhaps needs Elizabeth more than Lucas, but Lucas certainly brings an exciting dimension to the school teacher’s world that she has never experienced.

Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith are the cherished Rosemary and Lee on “When Calls the Heart,” and the chosen guardians of her son by Elizabeth.

The stars come down on the same side in choosing Nathan, but for Pascale, the selection came suddenly. Hutton was sure that Lucas was the one for Elizabeth until the longing gaze in the Season 6 finale, in which Erin Krakow spoke volumes without a word. The look brought a change of heart for Hutton, who now thinks the Mountie might be the one.

Kavan Smith thinks the pairing of Elizabeth and Nathan rings true to the original theme of the show and also likes the way the characters “give each other the gears” (a dash of bickering) a bit more.

Jesse and Clara, portrayed by Aren Buchholz and Eva Bourne are, at last, an engaged couple on “When Calls the Heart.” While both think the world of Kevin McGarry and his Nathan Grant, they side with Team Lucas for love with Elizabeth. “They connect with each other on a different level,” Bourne describes.

Jack Wagner and Martin Cummins, who portrays the changed businessman, Henry Gowen, go in opposite directions with their picks. Cummins knows his character has to admire the business acumen of Bouchard, while the “law and order” side of Wagner as “When Calls the Heart’s” former Sheriff of Hope Valley has to go with Nathan.

Erin Krakow insists that “I'm not gonna be a tiebreaker” as the lady in the center of contention and in the eyes of both “handsome and funny” gentleman. She contends that each suitor is “good and risky” as far as a romantic choice for Elizabeth. She loves the “new energy” that Lucas brings into her character’s life and the mysterious, “bad boy” reputation that could be exciting. She admires Nathan as a Mountie and a parent, knowing how he will understand Elizabeth’s loss in a very personal way. “I think he really listens,” the actress relates. She doesn't dismiss the generosity of Lucas, either. “He bought her a library,” she reminds.

Last season on “When Calls the Heart,” Erin Krakow portrayed welcoming her child into the world, but for co-star, Andrea Brooks, her baby daughter will be here soon, to stay in her life forever.

The lovely actress who portrays Faith Carter chose to design an “empowering” view of her pregnancy in a photoshoot, and the results are stunning.

A beautiful mother

Andrea Brooks is beyond lovely in flowing, fluttering fabrics in her pregnancy photos designed by Vancouver photographer, Liliya Lubenkova. In the striking series, Brooks is in colors from black to browns to white, in satins and lace, all beautifully showcasing her baby daughter within the womb. Brooks was taken by the photographer's talent in creating images that were “feminine, and at the same time, project an image of confidence and strength.”

Brooks’ character has developed some of the same qualities on “When Calls the Heart,” and is now more at ease in her relationship with Dr.

Carson Shepherd, played by Paul Greene. Andrea reflected that “I tried to channel my inner Aphrodite” during her photo sessions. The goddess of love certainly seems to be radiating her gift through the actress, in life, and on television.

Brooks and Greene both come down on the side of Team Lucas. Greene can’t forsee Elizabeth going through another fretful relationship with a Mountie, and Brooks likes what Lucas brings to Hope Valley as a newcomer, and “he’s got a pocket watch, which is always very dapper.”

The expectant mommy has been dressing around her beautiful growing bump on “When Calls the Heart” but will welcome her beautiful, breathing baby daughter after the drama wraps filming in October.

No matter who Erin Krakow chooses to have her heart, everyone on “When Calls the Heart” can celebrate the joy and love beyond the set.