In today's coronavirus concern, people around the world are looking for any and all answers pertaining to the mystery virus that has turned our world upside down. We are all facing very scary and uncertain times, and even the Celebrities are looking for any and all answers about the deadly disease.

However, reality star Kim Kardashian really got her followers thinking long and hard after tweeting out a passage from the late "world-renowned psychic Sylvia Browne.

Kim Kardashian believes Sylvia Browne predicted the coronavirus in 2008

According to Newsweek, Kim Kardashian recently shared an interesting detail she discovered with her 64 million social media followers.

The detail appears to be an eerie prediction about today's deadly coronavirus outbreak, one that was allegedly predicted by Sylvia Browne in 2008. In Browne's book "End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World," the psychic seemingly predicts the coronavirus attack, warning her readers more than 12-years ago of the deadly outbreak.

In the book, Sylvia writes, "In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely."

Sylvia Browne's books are in high demand

Despite Sylvia's numerous failed predictions throughout her career, fans still followed her faithfully.

Browne was often a regular guest on the TV talk show "Montel Williams" wowing viewers with her chilling predictions. With the increasing interest in Sylvia Browne's predictions resurfacing due to the coronavirus outbreak, another psychic by the name of Christelle Martinette took the opportunity to seek out information for her YouTube fans on Sunday night.

Martinette intrigued viewers during her Livestream by allegedly channeling the spirit of Sylvia Browne. The psychic used a small Ouija board to contact Browne, asking her to answer YouTube users' questions pertaining to the coronavirus outbreak. Many were asking the same questions about the outcome of the disease and how it would affect the United States' economy.

Martinette can be seen in the video, quickly moving her hands across the Ouija board, spelling out the responses she claims came from Browne's spirit. Several viewers attempted to ask personal questions about their lives but were quickly shut down by Martinette, who claimed she could not answer personal questions at this time.

Safety must be a priority for all in the coming weeks

One interesting comment Sylvia Browne (allegedly) made more than once revealed her concern over the future use of malware. She also claims the United States will see very hard times following the coronavirus [VIDEO] revealing that the country is in for a recession. During this trying time, we can only hope that this, too, will fall under the category of predictions that Sylvia Browne has been mistaken about. Blasting News wishes everyone the best of health and urges you to follow the health guidelines that are being delivered to us.