The latest single by the American band, OneRepublic, is part of their upcoming fifth studio album. The single "Better Days" is an upbeat song with an optimistic message that dropped on March 25 while the band members are self-quarantining.

The track is part of the band's fifth studio installment, Human, which will be out on May 9th.

According to Rolling Stone, the song was written and recorded by the band over the past week. The track is meant to serve some optimism during dark times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The album deadline for OneRepublic coincided with the global pandemic

As reported by the monthly magazine, the global spread of the coronavirus occurred during the final stages of finishing the album. Specifically, the end date of the album happened at the same time that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic.

The lead singer, Ryan Tedder said in a statement that a few of the members of the band got exposed to somebody with COVID-19 in London. In addition, he went on to explain they were not aware of the person with the virus at the time. This direct contact led to band members to quarantine in Tedder's studio in L.A.

"Better Days" was one of two songs remaining to be finished by OneRepublic.

Instead, the band decided to shift the focus of the song about experiences and events like the virus outbreak.

OneRepublic sets an extended date for the proceeds towards the virus efforts

As the band explained, the money collected from the "Better Days" goes towards the COVID-19 virus relief fund. Moreover, a portion of the streams will be allocated towards a fund to help those severely affected by the coronavirus.

OneRepublic asks for fans to get involved in compiling footage for the "Better Days" video in the near future.

OneRepublic asks fans to collaborate in making their upcoming video 'Better Days'

The band is not just donating the proceeds, but getting fans involved in making the video. Tedder explained in his March 25 video on social media (Twitter) he wants their followers to get involved and potentially share their Viral Stories.

What sort of footage are they looking for? They want people in their homes to show acts of kindness. Also, to hear from first responders, volunteers, survivors of the virus, and others on how they are keeping healthy. Furthermore, examples could be what you are cooking, how you are virtually staying connected with others and to safely send footage from your neighborhood, town or city.

Those interested in participating in this creative process will need to first download the Cinebody app from the app store.

Once downloaded you will be prompted for a code and enter HOPE. Make sure the videos are recorded horizontally or in landscape mode. The deadline is for Saturday, March 28.