The United States (U.S) reportedly ranked number three for the number of cases registered for the virus. However, it should be noted that different testing criteria in various countries and rapidly changing numbers might indicate some caution on that list. According to a CNN report, the number of cases increased and as of March 23, 414 people have died as a result of the Coronavirus.

As mentioned in CNN's tally report, the highest number of deaths was in Washington (94). New York followed in second with 53 deaths. In addition, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, confirmed there were 10,356 cases.

Approximately 54 percent of individuals affected by the coronavirus were between the ages of 18 and 49.

During a news conference, Cuomo addressed his message to younger people that they were not "Superman" and "Superwoman." He explained you can still get the virus and transfer it to someone else. In other words, someone close to you could get very sick.

As testing for the coronavirus increased more cases are confirmed

As of Saturday evening, 23,649 cases were confirmed. This has helped to start identifying those who have contracted the virus and receive medical attention.

Vice President Mike Pence said during a White House briefing that 195,000 Americans were tested.

As part of this testing, it did not include county hospitals or health care labs.

With a growing number of patients testing positive a problem is developing in healthcare. Specifically, healthcare workers have urged state leaders to replenish medical supplies because they are running out.

Weather Channel confirms 25,000 cases

The Weather Channel reported cases for the coronavirus (COVID-19) is estimated to be above 11,000 in New York. Data tracked by Johns Hopkins has calculated 25,000 people have tested positive and the number continues to climb.

The number of COVID-19 cases worldwide is around 354,000 people.

Exaclty 15,495 people have died because of the virus.

Worldometers tallies cases happening in real-time

The website dedicated to providing data in real-time has the USA in third place. The total number of COVID-19 cases is 40,841 with total deaths at 483. On the other hand, total cases recovered is 187.

States have begun to implement lockdowns and shutting down schools. Moreover, the lockdowns in some states have included closing down businesses, restaurants, and cafes.

Is a nationwide lockdown possible?

It is impossible to predict when will a national lockdown will go into effect. As reported by Business Insider, California and New York were the first two states to enforce lockdown measures.

As states tackle the pandemic it is a matter of time until the federal government enacts a lockdown. China, Italy, France, Spain and other countries around the globe have prompted lockdowns.

The government is in the process of drafting a $1 trillion economic stimulus plan. The initiative is meant to rescue the U.S economy from falling into a costly recession.

Where to find useful COVID-19 health information

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization, and other health agencies have all the latest details on prevention.

Make sure you are following safety measures prescribed in your county, city or state. Minimize your comings and goings outdoors unless you have to grocery shop or have a medical emergency.

Viral Stories and news reports continue to report non-stop about the COVID-19. Stay informed about the latest happenings using reliable sources.