The Judge Judy era of television will be coming to end on CBS. After 25-years as Amercia's favorite TV judge, Judith Scheindlin has decided to call it quits. Judge Judy told Ellen DeGeneres on Monday that Season 25 will be the last for The Judge Judy show on CBS.

According to TV Judy claims that “[Producer] CBS sort of felt, I think, they wanted to optimally utilize the repeats of my program." Judy claims that she is not leaving behind her popular daytime courtroom drama to retire, nor is there anything wrong with her she is just simply ready to move on with some new projects.

Judge Judy reveals plans for new series Judy Justice

Judy earns $47 million a year at CBS which is a huge paycheck to walk away from. However, Sheindlin states she is not ready to give up her gavel just yet, revealing that she is currently in the works to launch will launch a new courtroom series titled "Judy Justice" in 2021.

Sheindlin did not give away any details pertaining to the new series just yet. Despite keeping details from Ellen Sheindlin has a few other reasons for calling it quits with CBS according to TMZ. The celebrity news site claims that they have information revealing Sheindlin's real reason for ending the Judge Judy show.

CBS and Judge Judy disagreements behind Sheindlin's decision to leave

TMZ states that sources familiar with the situation have revealed that Judy has been contemplating leaving the show for quite some time now. They claim that her reason for exiting is due to some major disagreements on the set between Judy and the network.

The informants added that since Les Moonaves is no longer with the network, new powers that be have taken over and they and Judy do not get along as far as how she feels the direction of her show needs to go.

They all claim that Sheindlin has been working on developing some new shows and that her ideas were shut down by the new head honchos.

Up until today, Judge Judy has remained pretty lowkey about her decision to move on, however, based on her public statement there will be no love lost between herself and the CBS network.

Judy wished CBS the best with their decision to continue to air all 25-years of re-runs of her show, Her final blow, "I wish them good luck with their experiment."

Sheindlin promises final season will be the best

Dedicated Judy fans are a little disappointed to hear that the show is ending and will miss Sheindlin's straight to the point no-nonsense approach to those who have bravely stepped before her. But, we are interested to see what new life Judge Judy will bring in her new adventure with Judy Justice.

For now, the 77-year-old celebrity revealed that Season 25, which will air in 2021, will be the “best year yet” and a fitting end to the show that sees her preside over people’s legal squabbles. Sounds as if Judy plans on going out with a bang! At this time there is no word as to when Judy's new show will begin airing.