Priscilla Presley has responded to the recent rumors concerning her alleged failing health and memory. Priscilla took to Facebook and Twitter on Friday, February 14 to assure fans that she is not on her deathbed and that she is not losing her memory. According to ET reports, Priscilla Presley claims that the recent reports concerning her health are completely false.

Priscilla Presley not ready for the grave just yet

Radar Online reported earlier this month that a "source" close to Presley informed the outlet that they were growing concerned about the 74-year-old former wife of the late Elvis Presley.

The informant claimed that Priscilla was starting to really slow down. They also claimed that Presley has also been forgetting a lot lately and that her mind would suddenly drift off while she was talking, forgetting what she was saying mid-sentence.

Priscilla called out the reports asking fans to "not put her under yet," adding that she still has a lot she wants to accomplish in her lifetime. She also went on to address a few more rumors, stating that she has "never planned on being buried next to Elvis Presley, ( one of the latest of many Presley rumors), asking fans to "please not believe everything they read."

Lisa Marie Presley and mom Priscilla Presley reveal difficult relationship issues

Elvis passed away unexpectedly on August 16, 1977.

Throughout the decades since Elvis' passing Priscilla has remained a key factor in helping to keep the memory of the King of Rock and Roll alive and thriving. Working alongside her and Elvis' only daughter Lisa Marie Presley, Graceland, and Elvis Presley Enterprises has remained a successful and thriving empire.

It has not always been an easy venture for Priscilla over the years.

Raising Lisa Marie on her own had many ups and downs as a parent. As previously reported, Lisa Marie Presley has suffered many personal and health issues herself. Four failed marriages behind her and years of battling drug abuse addiction, issues very similar to those of her late father, took a huge toll on Lisa and her mother's relationship.

Priscilla Presley excited for upcoming Graceland event

Lisa Marie is currently in the midst of a long and nasty divorce and custody battle with estranged husband Michael Lockwood. The divorce trial date is set for this summer and is expected to last nearly a month as Lisa and Lockwood duke it out over their young twin daughters, Harper and Finley as well as major financial issues.

Since filing for divorce in 2016, Lisa Marie has experienced numerous humiliating public admissions pertaining to her drug use and devastating financial status. The divorce drama took an ugly turn in January after Lisa was banned by the courts from taking her twin daughters out of state to attend the Elvis Presley 85th birthday celebration honoring the King.

Needless to say, fans were extremely angry that the twins were forced to miss the historic Presley family event. Twice a year, Priscilla and Lisa head up two huge memorial celebrations at Graceland honoring Elvis, in January for his birthday and in August for the anniversary of his death. Every year for nearly five decades dedicated Elvis Presley fans travel the globe to pay their respects.

These yearly events, along with the numerous others, tours of Graceland mansion and the Elvis Presley museum have become quite lucrative for both Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley. The events aid not only in keeping the King's legacy alive and thriving but also in financially sustaining Lisa Marie and Priscilla as well as employing hundreds throughout the year.

At this time Priscilla Presley reveals she is currently getting ready for the next big Graceland event on the calendar, the Elegant Southern Style 2020 Weekend Spring Event scheduled to take place March 13-15th. Details can be found at