Corey Feldman claims his life continues to be threatened by a group of people he calls the "WolfPack" who are doing everything in their power to stop him from releasing his upcoming documentary revealing the names of big-named Hollywood child predators. According to The Blast, Feldman was forced to call for police help on Wednesday night after someone showed up at his house to send him a warning.

The "Lost Boys" star claims he had been out with a group of friends for the evening and upon returning to his home he found a 2020 calendar titled "WolfPack" awaiting him on his doorstep.

This is not Feldman's first police report concerning receiving threats on his life in the past several years. Corey claims that the threats have kicked up more recently since he announced he would soon be releasing his documentary "(My)Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys."

Corey Feldman fears for his life

Corey feels that now, since the time is so close for him to finally release the names of his childhood abusers once and for all, they will stop at nothing to keep him quiet.

He also feels quite confident in saying that he believes these are the same people threatening him now that are responsible for the alleged assault he suffered in March of 2018 when he was allegedly stabbed with a syringe after a road rage incident.

Feldman has been claiming since 2013 that he had been sexually abused since he was very young.

Feldman also claims that his very dear friend and film co-star, the late Corey Haim was also a victim of abuse.

Corey Feldman claims a lot of big names will be revealed

In Corey's 2013 book "Coreyography: A Memoir," Feldman opened up about his painful childhood, revealing that his abusers were very powerful men in Hollywood and it would be a major shock to everyone one should he reveal the names.

At the time Corey chose not to publicly out the Hollywood bigwigs he claims are behind his and Haim's abuse.

However, seven years later, Corey Feldman claims the time has come and he is more than ready to tell the world the real truth about his childhood abuse. Feldman's story is set to air on March 9 and 10 as a pay-per-view title only. Corey claims that what he hopes to accomplish by coming forward completely once and for all, is that these men will finally be exposed, indicted and put out of business, thereby protecting future childhood actors.

Justice for Corey Feldman

Feldman has been talking about the day he will reveal the actual names for a few years now. While many fans are in his corner hoping that he seeks justice against his attackers, there remain a few skeptics who believe Feldman could have been building up this childhood attack as a clever publicity stunt to keep his name in media headlines.

March 9 and 10 will tell the tale. Interested parties can expect to see a number of witnesses that have knowledge of the suffering that Feldman and Haim endured, He feels the documentary will finally vindicate himself and Corey Haim once and for all. Time will tell if Corey Feldman will have his vengeance against the group of men he alleges have been slandering, harassing and threatening him for decades.