Daniel Dae Kim knows his craft around the set of multiple TV Shows. As a director, producer, and star in multiple successful series, Kim is a force to be reckoned with in front of the lens and behind it. This week has to bring feelings of déjà vu for Daniel Dae Kim. Hawaii Five-O” is just three weeks away from completing a 10-year reign and the most successful series reboot ever on CBS. Kim was a founding member of that elite team of crime-fighters as Chin Ho Kelly and played a pivotal role in the police drama’s storyline and legacy for seven seasons.

Kim made the decision to depart “Hawaii Five-O,” along with Grace Park, as a matter of “self-worth” and dignity after failed negotiations for salary parity in 2017. The versatile actor certainly knew another stellar and culturally significant drama when he saw it. “The Good Doctor” surged in its debut season in 2017. The medical drama centering on the character of its autistic savant surgical resident, portrayed by Freddie Highmore, soon became the highest-rated series ever for ABC. The drama has held that place ever since and the network swiftly renewed the groundbreaking show for a fourth season in February.

Daniel Dae Kim likely will continue among the executive producers for “The Good Doctor,” but starring roles are addictive for gifted artists like Kim.

According to breaking news by Cinema Blend, Yahoo, and other outlets on March 3, Daniel Dae Kim will be scrubbing in for a new role on NBC's “New Amsterdam” for Season 2.

The 'New Amsterdam' newbie, Daniel Dae Kim is out to make a distinctive impression in Season 2

Fate also works in mysterious ways, and the success of “The Good Doctor” inspired a renewal of the medical drama across every network on television.

New Amsterdam” was NBC's entry into the influx. Ryan Eggold takes the helm as Dr. Max Goodwin In being compassionate and willing in his patient care beyond meeting financial bottom lines.

Daniel Dae Kim will come on board “New Amsterdam” as the new head trauma surgeon, Dr. Cassian Shin. The name sounds dashing, but the character will make his entrance at a definitely inopportune time.

Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims), the head of cardiovascular surgery, has recently informed Dr. Goodwin of his plans to move to San Francisco with his fiancée. Doctors have big egos as a general rule, so it's a safe bet that Dr. Shin will want to take charge.

Job security may be part of the package for Kim, too. “New Amsterdam” has just been renewed by NBC for three seasons, so it’s a sure thing for the cast through 2023. In TV land, that’s a rare feat.

A deadly virus and a new screen partner for Daniel Dae Kim

Season 2 of “New Amsterdam” is set to premiere on March 10. Kim's on-screen debut comes on April 7. The episode could not possibly be more timely in relation to real-world concerns. In “Pandemic,” Dr.

Shin arrives just as a deadly flu strain is “ripping” through the hospital.

Kim is poised to have another beloved screen partner in “New Amsterdam.” Dr. Cassian Shin has heavy interaction with Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe. The tenor of the relationship will indicate future involvement. Crises can sometimes deepen bonding.

Playing advocate or adversary sits well with Daniel Dae Kim

Throughout his long stint on “Hawaii Five-O,” Daniel Dae Kim embodied unsurpassed loyalty and inner strength as Chin Ho Kelly. His character literally would sacrifice everything on behalf of his team. In an episode he directed, Kim, in character, fought his way out of a South American prison. Chin also endured the agony of having a bomb strapped to his body as human ransom by a criminal demon.

Even on his cousin Kono’s wedding day, his character had to contend with one of “Hawaii Five-O's” most wicked foes, Gabriel Waincroft (Christopher Sean).

The actor also resonated with complete vulnerability as a newly-wedded husband, who lost his bride far too soon. The scenes of Chin arriving home to find Malia (Reiko Aylesworth) barely clinging to life are among the most wrenching and tender in “Hawaii Five-O” lore. The seasoned Kim captures the range of human emotions.

In his unflinchingly icy performances as Dr. Jackson Han on “The Good Doctor,” compassion was an unknown quantity for Daniel Dae Kim. He continually watched for opportunities to both undermine and overwhelmed his gifted surgical resident, who was ultimately saved by Dr.

Andrews’ decision, allowing Han to be dismissed. No fan will ever forget Dr. Murphy’s appeal that “I am a surgeon!” in Han’s office. Only the character failed to be touched by the tortured moments. At least Dr. Murphy got a girlfriend out of the deal.

Daniel Dae Kim has played the full spectrum of characters and human emotion through his memorable career. Let’s hope that the star balances somewhere contentedly in the middle, with many fine performances as Dr. Cassian Shin on “New Amsterdam.”