Bret Michaels is not willing to risk his life or the lives of his band and crew members during this world-wide Coronavirus outbreak. The rocker took to his official Facebook page on March 9 to deliver the news that he has decided that it is in the best interest of everyone at this time to cancel his special event performance at the 80's Cruise on March 13 and 14.

Bret Michaels reveals that after taking all the information and advisement from the Centers for Disease Control on the Coronavirus outbreak that it would not be in his best interest healthwise for him to travel.

The CDC claims that cruise ship travel should be deferred for those, especially with compromised immune systems.

Bret Michaels listens to CDC

With all of Michaels' known health issues, including being a life long type1 Diabetic, he falls under the category of running an extremely high risk of contracting the highly infectious virus placing his life at a higher risk. Bret's Facebook post stated that even if the singer did not contract the virus, the risk of possibly being quarantined aboard the ship could pose a huge problem for him having enough medical supplies and insulin on hand. Michaels also recently updated fans on his scary skin cancer battle revealing for the time being all is well. Bret claims that things got pretty scary for a while, revealing his plans include being extremely cautious when it comes to his health from now on.

Bret also reveals he does not want to risk the health of his band and crew members, who also came to Bret to express their personal concerns about the event. Michaels reveals he is upset about the cancelation but feels it is the best decision all around. Michaels is not the first entertainer to have canceled an upcoming performance in light of the recent virus outbreak.

Rock concerts and events canceling at alarming rates

Michaels recently updated fans on his scary skin cancer battle revealing for the time being all is well. Bret also revealed that things got pretty scary for a while. He reveals his plans include being extremely more cautious when it comes to his health from now on.

Bands, including Pearl Jam, SlipKnot, and Whitesnake, have also begun canceling performances.

It was also announced that Coachella has also decided to postpone the music festival until October. News reports revealed on Tuesday that the NBA is considering playing their games to empty arenas, and for now, all live audience members hoping to view the taping of popular game shows "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune" have been banned until further notice.

Summer 2020 could be rather bleak

Sadly at the rate, the Coronavirus continues to spread many are starting to wonder if any of these summers' biggest concerts will continue as planned. Scheduled for summer tours include Poison with Motley Crue and Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, and Matchbox Twenty, to name a few.

At this time, we can only hope that this nasty rapid spreading virus runs it's course sooner rather than later.

Until then, stay tuned for all the latest updates and cancellations during the Coronavirus outbreak 2020. On a lighter note, a lot of Bret Michaels fans feel confident that they can still see Bret perform on "The Masked Singer" as The Banana. As previously reported, fans are feeling 100 percent sure that it is Bret beneath the Banana costume.

Bret Michaels continues to remain silent when asked about "The Masked Singer," but popular opinion seems to reveal there are hundreds who will be rooting the Banana on all the way to the finale. Each one seems to be enjoying the Banana's performances and awaiting the final reveal to see Bret Michaels underneath that mask!