Amanda Bynes's pregnancy could find the former "Nickelodeon" star facing even more courtroom drama in the near future. According to TMZ reports, the 33-year-old actress could potentially lose custody of her baby due to her conservatorship.

Amanda Bynes, who revealed her pregnancy news via social media on Tuesday, is roughly around six weeks pregnant, and already there is talk of possible custody issues due to Bynes' mental health issues. The "She's the Man" star is currently undergoing treatment in a psychiatric facility. TMZ reports that due to the rules of Amanda's conservatorship, which is run by her parents, Amanda could be forced to give up her custody rights.

Amanda Bynes unaware that custody plans for her baby are underway

Bynes' attorney, David Esquibias claims that Amanda is not in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, but, did confirm that she is in treatment for her ongoing mental health issues. He also added that he was not confirming his client's pregnancy, and felt it was premature to speculate over a custody issue.

Despite Bynes' attorney's statement to TMZ, the celebrity news site states that they were told that Amanda's father and her fiance Paul Michael have been making plans to share custody of the baby. At this time, it is revealed that Bynes is unaware of the potential custody plans being made by her family.

As previously reported by Blasting News, Amanda Bynes announced her engagement to Paul Michael on Valentine's Day, revealing she had found the "love of her life."

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael's pregnancy reveal deleted from social media

Since Amanda had only known Paul Michael for about two months after meeting in rehab, her mom Lynn Bynes was not thrilled with her daughter's engagement news.

Amanda also announced recently that she had every intention to fight her parents in court to be released from the conservatorship that is run by her parents. Bynes feels that she is in a place in her life now where she is ready to handle all of her own life decisions and finances.

Her mother, Lynn, disagrees, and feels Amanda needs to remain in a "controlled environment." Lynn also has the power to keep Amanda from marrying Michael.

So, if momma Bynes is unhappy about the engagement, one can only believe that she is less than thrilled about Amanda's pregnancy.

Paul Michael and Amanda Bynes' future up in the air

Amanda's conservatorship has been in place since 2013 after Bynes underwent court-ordered psychiatric care after the troubled actress set off a fire in front of a Thousand Oaks home. Recently Amanda's mental health was called into question once again after the actress made mention of her celebrity obsession Drake on social media.

Celebrity news followers will well remember Amanda Bynes's alarming and explicit social media posts about Drake back in 2013 during her very public downfall. In light of Amanda's pregnancy, one can only think that her life is only going to get harder along the way between herself and her parents.