Faithful fans of “The Good Doctor” have a lot to be thankful for at the end of this current Season 3. ABC's most successful drama got a distinct pleasure and well-earned reward of knowing that Season 4 was confirmed in February, far ahead of when most shows are sure they are off the chopping block. Freddie Highmore not only was front and center with his castmates from the globally popular series at the season’s wrap festivities but also, assuredly already signed on for “The Good Doctor” Season 4. There is also the two-part Season 3 finale ahead, which also means an extra episode to tide fans over through the long summer.

Nonetheless, some longing hearts in the land of TV Shows are dismayed about the way “The Good Doctor” is leaving things for the season. March 17 reports from Yahoo via TV Line and Country Living convey that a week can be a lifetime for any fan of the ABC hit, and the suspense from the finale preview is stirring everyone into a tizzy.

‘The Good Doctor’ faithful don't like how things are looking for Lea

Anyone taking a look at social media after the tumultuous March 9 Episode 18 of Season 3, “Heartbreak immediately saw that followers of “The Good Doctor” are decidedly split on the storyline regarding the character of Lea (Paige Spara). Spara’s portrayal of the faux-faithful, then flighty, on-again-off-again and gone again female in Dr.

Shaun Murphy's life has been “brilliant” in Freddie Highmore's estimation and certainly opened dimensions for his character.

Some viewers holding to the hope of “first date, first love, forever” found Shaun’s baseball bat-wielding verbal rage hard to handle but many concurred that it was “the best acting I've ever seen,” between the screen partners, as Good Housekeeping noted last week.

Another fan summarized that the outburst was “heavy and cruel and mean… But it needed to be said.”

Dr. Murphy, doubtless, felt a lot better after unloading his ton of hurt and anger but, in new hints from the March 23, in part one of the Season 3 finale episode, “Hurt,” Lea’s fate is even more worrisome. The hospital becomes the HERT (Hospital Emergency Response Team-note the play on the acronym) when an earthquake hits San Jose, and close to home for everyone on “The Good Doctor.”

A brewery hosting a charity event near the hospital collapses in the quake.

Dr. Brown (Antonia Thomas) delivers news that “Melendez and Glassman (Nicholas Gonzalez and Richard Schiff) went to that.” Ever the realist, Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) asserts that “it's too late.” In a later scene, Glassman looks to have survived, but he tells Shaun that Lea was also at the brewery.

Suspense may be difficult to bear, but it also extends the season, and fans will have a longer stint with the drama they adore due to the sacrifice of last week.

Not too much is known about Part 2 of ‘The Good Doctor’ Season finale

Showrunners are stupendously good at building suspense to a breaking point and letting fans languish in tension-- the skillful technique is what keeps fans waiting through three, and sometimes four, summer months.

The Good Doctor” offers only that there is “a life-changing conclusion” to the season in the synopsis of the final episode of the two-parter, titled “I Love You.”

Those three words are loaded, especially in this scenario, when Dr. Murphy decides to go into the collapsed building to save Lea, despite her spurning.

The episode is written by “The Good Doctor” creator, David Shore, with David Hoselton and Adam Scott Weissman, per The Futon Critic. David Shore also directs the episode, so it is sure to have riveting and deft touches to dialogue and action that his creativity brings.

The only further description for the final episode of Season 3 describes that “our doctors work around the clock and [risk] their own personal safety to save those around them.” It's safe to say that this one will be played several times over the summer, especially with productions on hiatus for unknown periods of time as a result of the COVID-19 global outbreak.

“The Good Doctor” would be the first to offer gratitude to the endless hours of sacrifice and selflessness truly being given by medical professionals at all levels in this crisis.

Another star from ‘The Good Doctor’ is happy in love

Jasika Nicole is enormously generous, dedicated, and patient as Dr. Carly Lever on “The Good Doctor,” and she offered all those qualities to Shaun as his “girlfriend.” She couldn't overcome what she saw between her man and Lea, though, and urged him to tell Lea his true feelings, which he admitted later admitted in “Autopsy.”

Nicole has a much happier love life, according to a March 17 profile in Showbiz CheatSheet. Since 2013, the versatile actress has been married to the artist, Claire Savage.

Savage creates 3-D art pieces and technical art for virtual reality applications.

Every creative person has several sides, and Jessica Nicole likes to spend her time away from “The Good Doctor” creating clothes for her wife. Jessica loves to sew and Claire describes herself as “more the masculine side” in style taste during a YouTube interview with Nicole. Savage underwent successful top surgery last August. She loves Jasika’s sense of humor and considers her as her “best friend.”

Jasika Nicole has an impressive roster of roles, including a long-running part on “Fringe” as Astrid Farnsworth. Her other roles include appearances on “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” “Scandal,” and “Station 19.” She has elaborated on her desire to see her character portrayed in deeper dimensions, and with more interactions with other characters on “The Good Doctor.”

The drama reverberates themes of inclusion, respect, acceptance, and self-awareness, and Jasika Nicole brings exudes empathy and spirit in every scene.

The suspense and spellbinding emotion of “The Good Doctor’s Season 3 finale start Monday, September 23, and every second of the wait will be worthwhile.