Lisa Hamme from York, Pennsylvania, and Usman Umar from Nigeria, had been online chatting for two years before they met in person. The "90 Day Fiancé" reality star, Usman is in the music business in his country. He's known as "Sojaboy" and he once confessed his dream, saying that he wants to be the "king of hip-hop and R&B in America." This might explain his eagerness to come to the United States of America.

The Nigerian TLC cast member is 30 years old while his American lover is 52 years old. When Lisa met Usman in Nigeria, she was disappointed because of his living conditions, as he stayed in a small house with his friends.

Although she was impressed with his physical appearance, we can't say the same for him as he said that she was not what he expected physically, but he admired her good heart.

Lisa and her jealousy over Usman female friends

The "90 Day Fiancé" star, Lisa, has been observed to be very protective and jealous of her thirty-year-old lover. He did a music video called "baby girl," dedicated to Lisa. Lisa liked the video but the problem she had with the video was with the model included in the music video. She asked "Sojaboy" to cut the part where the model was included. When she was asked to give her reasons, she said that she did not like it, because the idea of the video should be that she was miles away and the model in it doesn't give that concept.

Usman friend talks to Lisa

Usman's friend, Abba, said that he did not know much about Lisa, except that she was a jealous lover and she did not like his female fans.

According to the TLC show, Lisa, Usman and Usman's friend had a sit-down conversation about the music video that he had shot for her. Abba said that he had not watched the music video and Usman explained that Lisa wanted the model out of the video.

Usman's friend said that the music video would not make any sense if there was no model in it. Abba said that she was causing trouble. He said that a love song needed a model. He described a love song without a model as a "tea without sugar." He continued by saying that Usman's fans would be disappointed and for Usman to be successful in his career disappointing his fans was not an option.

Abba asked Lisa if artists in America sang love songs without a model she replied saying yes. He also told Lisa that she did not know much about the music video. He went along to bluntly ask Lisa if she wanted to ruin his music career.

Viewers are done with Lisa

A lot of "90 Day Fiancé" fans were extremely upset with Lisa. In fact, some of them took to Twitter to slam her and many labeled her "insecure."

What do you think of Usman and Lisa?

Do you think Lisa's jealousy might affect Usman's music career? What do you think of Usman letting his friend come into the situation? What do you think of Sojaboy's song? Do you agree with the tweets?