Amid the current uncertainty in the world right now, fans of "90 Day Fiancé" can at least look forward to another episode of their favorite TV show. The fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" premiered in February, and it has been a thrill to watch the couples from different backgrounds get to know each other. One of the standout couples, for this season, has been 52-year-old American Lisa, and her 30-year-old Nigerian boyfriend, Usman, reports ET. Meanwhile, after the few episodes, fans seem to be done with Lisa and want Usman to leave her ASAP to save his musical career.

Recently, fans showed their frustration with Lisa on Twitter.

Lisa with Usman in Nigeria

The two had been chatting online for two years and finally met for the first time when Lisa traveled to Nigeria to meet him. The culture shock hit Lisa once Usman took her on a tour of his house. The 30-year-old shares his current residence with several roommates. "90 Day Fiance's" Lisa Usman did not hide her surprise when he showed her around the house. The 52-year-old said she did not understand how Usman shared the tiny house with his roommates and was grateful that she was staying at a hotel.

Despite her disappointment over Usman’s living conditions, Lisa said she was pleased with Usman’s appearance, saying that he had met her expectations. However, Usman did not share the same sentiments.

After spending the night with her, the Nigerian reality star said she was heavier than he expected. He even admitted that he was not attracted to her physically, but instead, her “good heart” was her most desirable quality to him.

Usman is a hip-hop artist in Nigeria and goes by the stage name “SojaBoy.” The couple’s relationship could experience some friction over Usman’s music career.

The teaser of next episode of '9 Day Fiance'

In a sneak preview of the next episode, Usman and Lisa are shown having a conversation about his music career with one of his friends. In the teaser, the 30-year-old musician expresses his frustration over Lisa’s attitude towards his music. Usman had composed a song about Lisa called “baby girl” and had even shot a music video. However, he used a female model to shoot the video which Lisa did not agree with.

The 52-year-old asked her boyfriend to edit the video and remove all shots of the model. Umar Usman’s friend is not pleased to hear this and confronts Lisa over her jealousy.

He points out that in the United States, artists use female models in their videos all the time. Nonetheless, Lisa stands her ground, insisting that since the song is about her, she will not let Usman use another woman to shoot the video. Usman’s friend is not impressed by her aggressive stance and wonders if she is trying to sabotage Usman’s career. While Lisa has often been jealous of the attention that Usman receives from the ladies, fans have defended her attitude and have accused her boyfriend of planning to use Lisa to obtain a green card. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance" updates.