Big Ed was in hot water in last week’s episode of "90 Day Fiancé" after he requested that his girlfriend, Rosemarie, get an STD test. This Sunday, he will attempt to make up for this misstep. In the teaser for the upcoming "Before the 90 Days" episode, he told Rosemarie to meet up with him at a café. The clip shows him anxiously waiting for her arrival but it looks like she will not come.

It can be recalled that Big Ed and Rosemarie argued after he voiced his request. She felt that he is only asking for the STD test because he did not trust her.

He explained that he did not mean to offend her. He is just bothered by her evasiveness in answering his questions about her past. According to ET, he said, "I'm feeling like it's over," he admits. "But, I'm not ready to give up yet. ... and I pray to God that she shows up."

Big Ed addresses issues on Instagram

Lately, Big Ed has been incredibly active on social media. This is especially true on Instagram, where he took the time to address some questions about his appearance on "90 Day Fiancé." He has uploaded a lot of photos and videos on his Instagram account in the past few days. In the last week alone, he placed two videos on his profile.

The first video went semi-viral among the show’s fans.

The bizarre rant involved Big Ed comparing his relationship to a frog failing to cross the street. According to his story, the frog got ran over by a vehicle while trying to reach a princess. In his story, he was the frog and Rosemarie is the princess on the other side of the road. Based on this, it seemed that he already considers his and Rosemarie’s relationship a failure.

On the clip, he also said that frogs bumping their butts is normal. He compares this to the many mistakes he has made in love.

Big Ed saw varied reactions in the comments section of the post. A lot of comments understood the reason why he asked for the STD test. But the majority of his followers think that he could have handled the situation and Rosemarie’s reaction better.

Another video he uploaded online had him explaining why he liked wearing black clothes. According to him, black is a safe fashion choice for anyone. He also joked that people should keep bleach away from black shirts, pointing to a faded portion of his own dark clothes.

What’s next for Big Ed and Rosemarie on '90 Day Fiancé'

Big Ed and Rosemarie are one of the most prominent couples in the current season of "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days." A lot of fans are constantly watching out for new developments in their relationship. So far, there is no indication yet as to what the relationship status between Rosemarie and Big Ed is. People will have to wait and see if they will jump into the mother "90 Day Fiancé" show.