Geoffrey Paschel, a cast member on the "90 Day Fiancé: 'Before the 90 Days,'" has opened up to TLC, saying that he had a criminal past and was charged with the sale of drugs. He also said that he had divorced twice. His girlfriend and fellow cast member on the show, Varya, is aware of his past record but Geoffrey has a feeling that his Russian girlfriend just wants him for the visa to America. His doubts increased when he got to her apartment and saw how barren it was. When he asked her, she explained that she stopped working on the apartment because she felt she would be coming to America.

Geoffrey gets really angry at the table

Still in doubt, the 41 year old from Knoxville, Tennessee, went for dinner with his Russian lover and her friends. While they were all having a conversation, Varya's friends wanted to know about his past. They asked him a lot of questions and he was clearly uncomfortable. Geoffrey feels like the past should remain in the past but Varya's friends believe that the past is important. While they were still having their conversation, one of Varya's friends asked the "90 Day Fiancé" alum if he knew about Varya's ex, who was also American.

According to Etonline, Geoffrey was obviously not pleased with that as he said that Varya never told him and in fact, she lied to him.

He busted out in anger and when one of Varya's friends wanted to hold him, he left the place angrily. Varya's friends tried to comfort her after he left.

"90 Day Fiancé" viewers are surprised at Geoffrey's reaction, especially when they think of his own past.

Geoffrey tells '90 Day Fiancé how he started liking tattoos

Geoffrey is a good looking man, some fans think.

No one ever said he's not, but the viewers have noticed how much he likes tattoos because he has them all over his body. The one that caught the eyes of the viewers more is the ones on his breast.

According to Screenrant, Geoffrey took to his Instagram account to try to explain how he got the tattoo. He said that he did not like tattoos as a growing child but he went to a tattoo convention, which exposed him to the amazingness of tattoos.

He saw a lot of men that could draw amazing pictures on people's bodies.

Geoffrey kept his followers in suspense, but he explained that he wanted a tattoo but all the artists said that they were booked and he had to wait. He found a man on the corner who agreed to do it for him. He also said that he regrets doing the tattoo and his family and friends still laugh at it.

Fans are being kept on suspense and they really want to know what the tattoo signifies.

What do you think of Varya and Geoffrey Paschel? Do you think their relationship can work? What do you think of the tattoos on his body?