Big Ed and Rosemarie had their first big argument on Sunday’s "90 Day Fiancé" episode. The young Filipino woman got offended after the professional photographer asked her to take an STD test. Big Ed made the demand after complaining about how evasive Rosemarie has been about discussing her past. He acknowledged that she has the right to her privacy but he wanted to be safe, reports Daily Mail. Fans are not happy with Ed's behavior and now they are asking him to take the test.

Big Ed believed a medical examination would address that.

He promised that if she takes the test, he will no longer ask about her past.

Rosemarie did not appreciate the move, telling him outright that she is "offended" and "disappointed." She felt that this meant he did not trust her at all. Big Ed clarified that he did not mean to offend her. He just wanted to make sure she was not the type to sleep around.

Trust issues between Big Ed and Rosemarie

As Rosemarie and Big Ed of "90 Day Fiance" have been getting to know each other more, they are starting to realize their own personal quirks.

Because of this, fans feel that there is some tension between the two of them as they navigate their relationship. He has become suspicious about Rosemarie’s intentions for being in a relationship with him. He started thinking this when he brought her to purchase pajamas. She grabbed the wallet from his hand and got cash from it to pay.

The incident made Big Ed uncomfortable.

Rosemarie’s sister, Maria, did not help matters. Maria asked Big Ed for some cash and told him not to tell his girlfriend.

This disturbed Ed, who began thinking that he might be getting scammed. Big Ed also faced pushback from his 29-year-old daughter, Tiffany. She did not approve of his relationship with someone he has not met yet. The age difference also bothered Tiffany, who is six years older than Rosemarie. Her disapproval was so strong that they had a temporary falling out about it. They eventually reconciled before he flew to the Philippines to meet up with Rosemarie.

How did the the couple meet?

Just like most "90 Day Fiancé" couples, Big Ed and Rosemarie first connected on social media. Big Ed sent Rosemarie a Facebook friend request and their romance progressed from there.

When they finally saw each other, in the flesh, Rosemarie raised her eyebrows because he lied about his height. Instead of saying that he stands at 4’ 9”, he apparently told her that he is 5’ 2”. There were suggestions that he may have catfished her. He was heavily criticized for it, online by the show’s fans, because they believe that he should have been truthful with her. Big Ed also recently addressed their 31-year age difference. According to the California-based photographer, he immediately discussed it with Rosemarie the moment they started talking online. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance."