Varya Malina joins a long list of "90 Day Fiancé" cast members accused of scamming people to get an American visa. Fans accused her of only being in a relationship with Geoffrey Paschel because she wants to move to America. It may be recalled that Paschel and Malina had a huge argument in a previous "Before the 90 Days" episode. This was because of her decision to hide from him a previous relationship with a different American guy. According to E-Online, during the recent episode, Geoffrey said he thought he wasted time that he could've spent with his family adding, "I should've been smarter than this."

This was a big red flag for Paschel, who was already suspicious of Malina’s intentions.

He already thought that she only planned to marry him because she wants to have a green card. One more reason why he felt distrust towards her is because of her revelation that she stopped doing a house remodel when they met. According to her, she did not want to waste any more money if she was going to move to America anyway. It made him realize that she may be using him for a visa.

Disturbing allegations vs Geoffrey Paschel exposed

Meanwhile, troubling details about Geoffrey Paschel and his past have been revealed. The allegations have been disturbing enough that some "90 Day Fiancé" fans felt that he should be removed from the show. According to reports, the Tennessee-based reality star has had an extremely problematic history with the women he dated.

The reports say that he allegedly assaulted an ex-girlfriend in June 2019. Based on those reports, Paschel allegedly locked the ex-girlfriend with him in his home. During that time, he reportedly banged her head and threw her body into the wall.

She tried to contact 911 so she could leave the house but discovered that he had disconnected the phone.

She had to escape by foot just to make sure she will be safe. The "Before the 90 Days" cast member responded to the allegations by saying that there was no truth to what was reported. According to him, his former lover was only trying to interfere with a child custody battle with an ex-wife.

In the series, Paschel is portrayed as someone who is a certified romantic but who has had multiple stumbles along the way.

However, some reports say that he has supposedly been married four times. Thankfully, Paschel was more open about his history with drugs. He said that he used to do it when he was young and that he has already moved on to more worthwhile pursuits.

Does Paschel really love Varya Malina?

Because of the allegations against Geoffrey Paschel, a lot of people question why he would take the risk of joining a popular reality show. People now think that Paschel is only with his "90 Day Fiancé" because he wants fame. Paschel is an aspiring actor who has been looking for a break for years. The show’s fans believe that he is only using his relationship Varya Malina to gain more exposure in celebrity circles.