Big Ed has to show how sorry he is to Rosemarie in the next episode of "90 Day Fiancé." This was after he accidentally offended her for telling her that she should take an STD test. In the teaser, for the upcoming "Before the 90 Days" episode, Big Ed is shown waiting nervously for Rosemarie in a cafe, reports ET. He messaged her to meet him up there because he wanted to make things between them work. While he was hoping that everything ends up okay, he also said that he no longer believed in love. Meanwhile, on social media, fans are calling Big Ed fake and slamming his behavior with Rose.

A lot of fans also posted about punching Big Ed on his throat.

In the previous episode, the couple had a big fight over his STD test request. He made the awkward request, during dinner, because he was getting bothered by how evasive she was with talking about her past. Ed only wanted to know more about her past romantic and sexual relationships, but she did not want to discuss these things with him.

He thought that an STD test could be a good compromise for Rosemarie.

At first, she was confused with the request.

She eventually realized the implications and told him how offended she was that he did not trust her. She then explained that she did not want to discuss her past relationships in detail. After that, she insisted on going home without Ed.

Big Ed on Instagram

Big Ed has been a lot active on social media recently.

The "90 Day Fiancé" cast member has been especially lively on his Instagram account. The reality series personality recently uploaded a purchase link to sticker merchandise on his account. He encouraged his fans to visit the website, which showed a variety of stickers.

In the past week, he also uploaded a bizarre video where he compared his relationship with Rosemarie to a frog crossing a street. In the story, the frog is supposed to be trying to get to the other side to be with a princess.

It seemed that Rosemarie is the princess in the story that he narrated. In a different video, he also took the opportunity to explain why he likes wearing black clothes. He said that sticking to black clothes is a fail-safe way to style himself.

How is Rosemarie on '90 Day Fiancé' so far?

Rosemarie has not been as active as Big Ed in promoting the current "90 Day Fiancé" season. Much of their scenes on the series focused too much on her American partner, which made fans think that she has been left to the side. Like most of the show’s cast members, she has some detractors among the fanbase. But she has been mostly shielded from more controversial reactions unlike people like Geoffrey Paschel, for example. So far, there is no indication whether she and Big Ed will continue with their relationship after the show. But based on Ed’s pronouncements online, it does not look good for the couple.