The fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" set a new milestone when it featured the first same-sex couple in the show’s history. American Stephanie Matto and Australian Erika Owens are the new lesbian couple on the popular reality series. Their relationship promises to provide a fresh and unique storyline to the TLC show, and many fans are interested to see how the couple’s relationship plays out. Stephanie and Erika met each other online and dated for a while before Stephanie flew out to Australia to meet her girlfriend. However, the American’s health may be a huge obstacle to the couple enjoying their time together.

Stephanie in '90 Day Fiance'

Stephanie recently revealed that she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia two years ago. The disease is a rare bone marrow disorder, and Stephanie had to undergo multiple blood transfusions during her treatment. Despite recovering from the illness, Stephanie’s immune system remains weak, and she has to get permission from her doctors before she can travel. The condition has put severe limitations on her personal life, and the 29-year-old reality star has to travel with all of her medication. That made her decision to travel to Australia to meet Erika even more romantic. The reality star has admitted that she would be better off staying at home and being with someone from the United States.

However, Stephanie has said that she is willing to risk her health to be with Erika because she feels they have a special connection.

In a recently released video clip previewing the next episode, the couple visits a nature reserve in Australia but soon have to rest so that Stephanie can take her medication. The American takes out several pills from her bag as well as hand sanitizer which she shares with Erika.

The 24-year-old photographer appears a little shocked by the number of prescribed drugs Stephanie has to take to survive. She admits that it is a little weird that her girlfriend has to take a lot of medication but says she understands why. Stephanie has told producers that she has no choice but to take all necessary precautions when it comes to her health.

Health concerns

It will be interesting to watch how much pressure Stephanie’s health condition puts on the relationship. Fans have also wondered why Stephanie had to travel to Australia given her condition. Some have argued that it would have been easier for Erika to meet up with Stephanie in the United States, where it would be less risky for her girlfriend. With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, Stephanie has been sharing vital medical information with her followers. In one of her Instagram stories, she posted a link to an article about how the coronavirus could affect people with aplastic anemia or other immune-deficiency conditions.