Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager are connected in more ways than setting side-by-side for their fourth hour of “Today,” dubbed “Hoda & Jenna.” Hoda Kotb has shared an incredible journey over two years, encompassing motherhood and a career rise, taking the “Today” co-anchor seat next to Savannah Guthrie, and now sharing the table of the historic morning show with several colleagues and friends. Her long-held dream of motherhood came true in the same time period that her adopted daughters Haley Joy and Hope Catherine were welcomed into the hearts, arms, and home she shares with fiancé, Joel Schiffman.

Jenna Bush Hager came into her own, on “Today,” when Hoda Kotb was called away to cover the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Jenna was already a valued contributor, on “Today,” promoting her causes for children and literacy, and the extra time on-camera allowed her Texan authenticity to shine.

Maternity has its own timetable, and Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager were separated by the priorities of motherhood soon after the launch of “Hoda & Jenna,” last April. The devoted moms were not reunited on-air, side-by-side on “Hoda & Jenna,” until November when Jenna returned after the birth of her first son.

After such a year of babies and launching a brand-new, bouncing TV baby, too, Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager let out the big news on Thursday, January 16, and confirmed by ENews, that “Hoda & Jenna” is moving to a big studio so many friends can join the fun at the end of every week.

Hoda Kotb takes Jenna to follow in history-making shoes

No fourth-hour fan of “Today” can ever forget the bond of laughter, tears, and forever friendship formed between Kathie Lee Gifford and Kotb. The two broadcasting BFF’s shared 11 years together. Their connection began on a windy, outdoor broadcast in Rockefeller Plaza. All their note cards blew away, and they carried their debut by their instantaneous and unspeakable feel for one another.

“Kathie Lee & Hoda” was the first-morning show hosted by two women, and Hoda Kotb credited Gifford for comic timing that was like no other and a “fearless” willingness to try anything on air. Kathie Lee and Jenna have one thing in common-- they both need the descending tissue box several times a week. Even with the joyous news of the new venture, Jenna Bush Hager couldn't help crying.

Kathie Lee Gifford was celebrated before her April departure from “Today.” She has enjoyed a vibrant “second act” since her move to Nashville, still having a personal revival in music, filmmaking, and writing. Hoda Kotb conveys that her meeting with Gifford was the start of “every good thing in my life” and the two remain close.

What snacks will Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager serve?

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager jubilantly counted down, with the clock, the last seconds before the big news that “Hoda & Jenna & Friends” would make its debut on February 6, and for every Thursday and Friday to follow.

The new home for the ladies is an old favorite. The historic studio 6A was the site where David Letterman began, and Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager assured fans that they personally tested the seats.

“They are SO comfortable,” Jenna assured, and with there being so many of them, there shouldn't be anyone standing out in the February cold. “Today” already has a separate site for tickets to the Live shows. Fans of “Hoda & Jenna” know that Jenna particularly has a passion for her favorite snack—chips and queso. She was served a “queso cake” for her birthday that became an overflowing gift that kept giving. Jenna only promised “munchkins or something,” while Hoda said that “we want you to be fed and well taken care of,” to those assembled in Studio 1A Thursday. Tickets are free, but the transportation to Studio 6A is not. Votes are still being taken on the goodies.

Hoda and Jenna get sage wisdom from Oprah

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb never swore to absolute nondisclosure of their big news. Jenna confessed that she told her mom, former First Lady, Laura Bush, and Hoda told her best friend. On Friday, January 17, Jenna revealed that she let the word out with one very famous someone—Oprah.

Oprah insisted that “this is going to change everything for you,” praising that the connection with a live audience is stronger than any through TV screens alone. The person-to-person kinship gave Oprah her motivation to never miss a single one of her shows in 25 years. “Always remember that those people drove for miles and miles to see you,” counseled the TV legend. Finally, Oprah assured that “you will be “lit” from the energy of a live audience.

Ever since Jenna Bush Hager had her candid sit-down interview with Oprah at the opening of the 2020 Vision Tour, she and Hoda Kotb have been “manifesting” the groundbreaking host becoming their guest. Hoda has never met Oprah in person, so the dream is beyond a “bucket list” aspiration. In a video message, Oprah related that “it is going to happen,” so it's more than wishful thinking.

Will Oprah be the first guest on “Hoda & Jenna & Friends”? Probably not, but anticipation for Oprah creating another magic TV moment with Hoda is reason enough to keep watching.