Madonna's health issues continue to be a source of major concern for the singer and her fans. On Thursday, February 27 Madonna burst into tears as her backup dancers rushed to help the "Like A Virgin" hitmaker from the stage after she suffered a nasty fall from a chair at the Le Grand Rex.

According to The Sun, the 61-year-old singer noticeably struggled to stand and walk on her own. Madonna has been suffering from numerous physical ailments with her hips and knees for the past several months. The pain has been so intense that Madonna has been forced to rely on a cane, and has canceled several tour dates.

Madonna helped off Paris stage

The pain has been so intense that Madonna has even resorted to trying alternative treatments looking for relief including washing her blood with oxygen. She has just eight dates left on her current "Madame X" tour schedule and is expected to return to the stage and hopes to brave through the pain.

Despite the pain from her knee injury Madonna goes through a strenuous 6-hour a day rehabilitation in hopes of strengthening her knee and getting her body back to its old self. So far, Madonna has been forced to cancel 14 shows, due to her crippling injuries which she described caused her 'indescribable pain.'

Madonna endures six-hour-long rehab sessions every day

Madonna describes herself as a warrior, someone who never quits or gives up.

However, the incredible amount of pain she has been suffering from is winning and she feels she must listen to the warnings her body is giving her. It is no wonder that the singer's body is beginning to breakdown on her these days after the strain she has placed on her body for the past several decades performing her highly energetic dance routines.

Referred to as "The Queen of Pop", Madonna got her big break in 1982 after signing with Sire Records. Her career immediately began to explode with one hit after the next including, "True Blue," "Like A Prayer," and "Vogue" to name just a few of her hits.

Madonna is not only a well-established singer/songwriter sh also has quite a few acting credits starring in roles in the hit films "Desperately Seeking Susan," "A League of Their Own" and "Evita." For more than four decades Madonna has remained one of the most influential women in music history.

Her unique style of dress and outgoing and sometimes rather rash personality over the years has labeled the singer as somewhat controversial.

Cher and Madonna do not see eye-to-eye

Madonna's hardcore attitude and style have often rubbed some other Celebrities the wrong way. One, in particular, is Cher. The Cher/Madonna feud has been reported as an ongoing battle between the two like-minded, and outspoken women for over thirty years.

In 2018 Cher did a guest spot on the "Ellen Degeneres" show while playing a Q&A game she was asked to choose three celebrities she would duet with Cher quickly responded, “Oh, Adele, Pink, and, uh, um, not Madonna."

Perhaps, one day these two amazing women will put aside their egos and get together for an incredible duet, then again, with the two very like-minded personalities and attitudes, this could be just wishful thinking among their fans. We wish Madonna a full and speedy recovery.