It has been nearly two weeks since Meghan Markle and her husband Harry quit the royal life and live like ordinary people. The couple announced that they would share their time between Canada and the UK and they are now in Canada with their son Archie. Rumor has it that they could spend their summer in America and choose the city of Los Angeles. Media reports say that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are house hunting in the city. It seems they appear to be serious about it and are looking at various options. Apart from searching online for a house, they are in touch with people in the city who could assist them in their mission to get one.

Express UK mentions some of the future plans of Meghan Markle. She wants a sanctuary in Los Angeles where she and Harry can spend a part of their summer in 2020 with their nine-month-old son Archie Harrison. She wants space around her to conduct meetings at the house. She loves to host friends and entertain and wants a suitable accommodation that will meet her requirements. Recently, they filed an Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) complaint against a news outlet. It pertained to a controversial image but the ruling of the press regulator did not go in their favor.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle want financial independence

When the news broke about Harry and Meghan are stepping down from royal duties, it came as a disappointment to the seniors in the royal family. They included the Queen, Prince William, and Prince Charles. Meghan and Harry took to their Instagram page to explain the reasons behind their decision.

One of these was to gain financial independence while extending full support to Her Majesty the Queen. They also assured that they would balance their time between the United Kingdom and North America, and would continue to honor their duties to the Queen, the Commonwealth, and their patronages.

During their courtship days, Meghan might never have expected to come face to face with such days.

By virtue of her ability to adjust to situations, she had won over the hearts of people she met and had a huge fan following. However, things did not work out the way she wanted them to. It is difficult to pinpoint what went wrong but something certainly did.

Express UK notes that Meghan and Harry want to raise their son in their own way so that he appreciates the royal tradition into which he was born. Moreover, separation from the royal family will provide them with space to focus on the launch of their new charitable entity.

Los Angeles beckons Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

According to New Idea, indications are there that the royal couple could be in Los Angeles to spend the summer. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now in Canada. They have already stepped back as senior royals and had planned to divide their time between Canada and the UK. However, they probably have ideas to set up a home in Los Angeles to pursue their interests. Meghan hopes to find a house that will fit their needs. She was an actor before she met and married Harry and being in America would help her take advantage of opportunities that could come her way.

It has been a long journey for Meghan Markle

Marriages are made in Heaven, as the saying goes.

Meghan and Harry got to know each other through a common friend. She was an actor in the TV drama “Suits” and he was a fighter pilot who flew helicopters in Afghanistan. Then followed a fairytale romance that ended in their wedding. Both were young, had a modern outlook on life and have now realized life is not always a bed of roses.