"90 Day Fiance" fans on social media reacted badly to the wedding scenes of Jasmin and Blake. After all, Blake said himself on the show, that they don't have anything in common. Plus, Jasmin isn't into his friends, his music, his family, or even the idea of getting a job. Fans think Jasmin's all about herself, especially after she left and went to her sister's place instead of going with Blake to his is best friend Everett's 30th birthday party. Fans reacted to what appeared to be a loveless wedding, and many of them grow convinced she just wanted a green card.

Blake marries his '90 day Fiance' Jasmin, fans think she looks loveless

When fans tuned into the show Sunday night, some of them expressed surprise that Blake actually married Jasmin. Blake's from the USA and Jasmin's from Finland. And that's not the only difference. Blake works hard but Jasmin refused to work. Blake's outgoing, but Jasmine's very much into herself her needs, and her peace of mind, fans think. About the only thing they have in common is the fact that she, her sister, and Blake all live in the USA.

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" think the only reason Jasmin agreed to marry Blake is because her sister already lives in the USA. Right from the beginning fo the show, Blake's family also suspected that.

But, they married and fans commented on Instagram and Twitter about it. Some of them complained because Jasmin even looked like she didn't want the kiss at the end. Others noted she didn't look at Blake during the ceremony, which seemed loveless.

Fans react on Instagram's '90 Day Fiance News' page

The @90dayfiancenews account on Instagram also has the Reality Replay Online site.

With over 340k followers, many of those decided to have their say about Jasmin and Blake getting married. The post the admin loaded up showed three photos of the couple getting married. One showed Blake kissing her, the other showed him reading vows, and in the third one, Jasmin smiled. Some fans noted they never saw her smile before.

Here's what some "90 Day Fiance" fans said:

  • "Jasmin couldn’t even look Blake in the eyes. And she didn’t even appreciate the roses. No love at all. SMH."
  • "Hardly any eye contact during [the] ceremony. They have no chemistry whatsoever."
  • "She didn’t look happy. She looked like someone going along with whatever she has to do in order to get in the country."
  • "how can you marry her when she’s marrying you to be near her sister?...5 years, she’ll be gone watch."
  • "Hopefully, they came up with an agreement and understand. I think she’d be beautiful if she at least smiles. She looks constipated all the time."
  • "I think they’re both in it as a business agreement! She gets a green card! He gets exposure as an artist."
  • "Nothing against Jasmin. She’s lovely. But the photo where they are kissing, he is leaning in and she’s pulling away from him. Her body language just seems so defensive and guarded. Like she is not into it."

Twitterati comment on the '90 Day Fiance' wedding

Over on Twitter, the comments often seem a bit more savage.

But, that's the nature of the site. And, they also complained about the apparently loveless marriage. One said, "Jasmines real vows: I Jasmine, take you Blake to be my green card provider. I don’t like you, your friends or your music, and you better not touch me. I might burn out after I get my green card, but if I don’t it’s because I’m not going to work and you take care of me,(sic)."

Memes came in from critics as well, and some of them seemed on-point, like this one below:

This "90 Day Fiance" critic felt that Jasmin probably just wants the divorce court to be her next stop, so she can relax at home while Blake looks after her:

What did you think about Jasmin and Blake marrying?

Do you think they seem to have nothing in common? Do they genuinely love each other? Or, did Jasmin marry Blake for the green card?

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