Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens are making reality show history after they were announced as the first same-sex couple for the '90 Day Fiancé' franchise. Erika and Stephanie is part of the cast of the fourth season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days," reports New York Post. Matto, who identifies as bisexual, is a social media influencer from New York City. Owens, on the other hand, is a photographer from Australia. They started interacting online when Owens replied to one of the Instagram stories Matto posted. Their attraction to each other blossomed after a few weeks of talking on Snapchat and voice messages.

Important step towards inclusiveness by '90 Day Fiancé'

The casting of Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto could signify the entry of non-heterosexual couples on "90 Day Fiancé." Late last year, TLC executive Alon Orstein sounded confident about the inclusion of same-sex couples on the show. He explained then that the biggest problem they had in dealing with same-sex partners is the willingness to appear on the reality series. Most of the time, the couples tend to commit and then cancel their appearance because of timing and other reasons.

He also said that the network made a huge effort in actively pursuing same-sex couples. But not every couple is willing to be transparent and vulnerable in front of the camera.

It seems Matto and Owens are the first to make the cut.

What challenges will Erika Owens, Stephanie Matto face?

Based on the teasers and interviews for the upcoming season of "90 Day Fiancé," it looks like it will be a bumpy ride for Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens. One of the challenges that the couple will face in the series is the fact that Matto is suffering from a delicate health state.

Since it is not a common ailment, she has not had major treatment yet. Four years ago, she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. This is a rare bone marrow ailment that can have fatal consequences to those who have it.

The disorder prevents her body from producing new blood cells, which results in uncontrollable bleeding and fatigue.

Because of this, she gets sick easily. A gentle tap on her skin could result in bruises. Even a common cold has a major impact on her body and can even kill her in the process.

This situation prevents Matto from being able to fly to Australia to meet up with Owens. Traveling poses huge risks to her health, which made her mother concerned. She also has to get her doctor’s permission to be able to travel abroad. In one teaser for the show, Matto’s mother is heard telling her daughter how unsafe traveling could be for her. Another issue that could come up is the fact that both of them are not out to their families yet. The reality series will show how the two will navigate the issue should it come up.