"90 Day Fiancé" couple Annie and David are currently in Scottsdale and they are doing just fine there. The couple often share photos of their hangouts and sometimes, Annie gives us the privilege of seeing one of her amazing homemade meals. It is no secret that Annie is a great cook, probably the best in the "90 Day Fiancé" show. A lot of fans wished they could go and live with her in Scottsdale, because of how amazing her food is. We can only imagine the benefits her husband, David, is getting.

Annie recently said in a post that she is trying to impress her husband.

Annie looks beautiful in the photo

Annie said in her caption that she just wants to impress her man. She also wished her followers a happy Friday night.

Her loving husband was quick to comment on the post. He likes to call her his "queen", so in the caption, he said. "My queen I am impressed with everything you do. You are beautiful even when you wake up in the morning (afternoon) ❤️❤️❤️." Annie replied David with two heart eyes emojis.

Fans also replied to Toborowsky's comment. One fan said they were a "cute couple." Another one asked if David was referring to "boom boom, " a term the couple normally uses on "Pillow Talk to describe the romance. A fellow cast member, Anna Campisi commented, saying that Annie looked amazing.

Annie replied with four k*ssing emojis.

Another cast member from the show, Jenny Sumit, commented that Annie was "beautiful" and the Thailand native replied to the comment, saying "thank you".

Fans comment on Annie post

A "90 Day Fiance" fan said that she was a pretty woman, and David could not help but be impressed with her.

Annie replied with two smiling emojis.

One of her fans said that Annie's skin was always "glowing." She then asked Annie what her secret was and Annie replied to the comment, saying that she used a skin expert. She also told the fan that the skin expert would give her some advice on her skin.

Someone in the comments said that she was gorgeous and she was definitely going to get " boom boom." The person referred to the romance talk the couple always talk about on "Pillow Talk."

Another person said that David hit the "jackpot" when he married Annie.

She later said that she loved watching "Pillow Talk," because of Annie and David.

Another fan said that they both looked very good together and she loved how the couple brought out the best in each other, uplifted, and loved each other. She went on to say that they deserved all the compliments because they had worked so hard to be at the point they were at. She ended by saying that Annie deserved to be on the food network, because of her amazing cooking and they also deserved their own show because their chemistry was the best.

Annie replied to the comment, saying "thank you."