After what seemed like forever, "star wars" beloved Skywalker Saga has finally reached an epic conclusion in "The Rise of Skywalker." J.J. Abrams was given the reins and delivered an epic conclusion and blockbuster that covered a lot of ground and tied up all the character storylines. Like normal, most episodes have scenes that don't make it into the theatrical cut, including some rumored to have involved General Leia.

Fans took to Reddit, offering some teases that some of the deleted scenes may involve Finn and his use of the Force. This has led to Disney and Lucasfilm receiving uproar from fans demanding the release of the J.J.

Abrams cut. The movement is similar to what "Justice League" received when it received massive criticisms. The demand for the alternate cut comes because of fans' distaste with "Rise of Skywalker." Several rumors surrounding the new film appeared on Reddit. Now fans have taken to Twitter calling for the rumored 3-hour cut of "Rise of Skywalker."

Fans want to see Finn's deleted scenes

Ever since "The Force Awakens," fans believed that Finn may somehow be Force-sensitive. He just ended up being the film's red herring, as Rey was the one whose power was really coming to the surface. A case can be made for Finn, as he knows his way with a lightsaber, and even survived a duel with Kylo Ren. One anonymous post claims a scene that shows Finn unlocking a door with the Force.

Another rumor speculates that Finn was trying to tell Rey about his connection to the Force.

The scene with Finn using the Force is the main reason for the social media movement "#ReleaseTheJJCut." The hashtag is currently trending on Twitter, with fans sharing their opinions. However, most of them are just referencing the same Reddit post, which has still not been verified.

'The Rise of Skywalker' needs to show us Kylo Ren's true redemption

Another rumored deleted scene centered around Kylo Ren and his eventual redemption. "Star Wars" fans want this scene to be released, as Adam Driver gave one of his best performances. Now that the final chapter has arrived in theaters, cast and crew are now opening up about the film's material.

Oscar Isaac revealed he pushed for a Poe/Finn romantic relationship, but Disney executives shut it down. This is also another reason why some fans are hoping to get the J.J. Cut of "The Rise of Skywalker."

The Reddit post claims that Disney interfered with J.J. Abrams' vision for the final film in the saga. Disney was instead focused on producing a cleaner Episode IX with deeper fan service. One of the comments on the Reddit post, alleges that the theatrical cut was not the same movie that the cast and crew shot.

The "Star Wars" franchise continues to be a divisive issue for many. The franchise has become very personal for some, as it has been passed down across generations. This latest trilogy shows how heated fans can be, with both positive and negative. It will take time before we know whether there is anything to this rumored J.J. Cut.