Fans spent 2019 witnessing several major endings in pop culture. It's also been a year for some major DVD box sets. "Game of Thrones" was given a special release which included all eight seasons of the popular HBO series, and Disney released its popular "Infinity Saga" DVD box set.

Now it's "star wars" time to enter the fray, and with "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," entering theaters, closing the book on what has been dubbed the "Skywalker Saga." Best Buy has just posted on its site an offering for a specialized box set that will include all nine films in the "Skywalker Saga."

Best Buy already offering pre-ordering

The Best Buy site will sell the box set for $249.99.

The complete saga will come in a specialized box, and all titles will be inside a book that will show concept art from each of the films. Best Buy does not have a photo of the complete package, but a Twitter user has posted an image of the entire box set and what will be included.

The set includes 27 discs, which may surprise collectors. Nine of the discs will be for each film in 4K, and another nine will be the Blu-ray version of the films. The nine remaining discs are expected to include special features. While "Star Wars" fans will enjoy the behind the scenes material, it may not be enough to set itself apart from the previous DVD releases of each film.

The sets include exclusive bonus content that helps balance the price, but that does not appear to be what Disney/Lucasfilms is doing this time.

The collector's edition box set includes disc copies of both the original and prequel trilogies in 4K, but that's an offering for a much smaller market. Not everyone has 4K capabilities, compared to those have normal HD TV and Blu-Ray players.

'Star Wars' could draw interest if they offered 4K versions of theatrical releases of original series

Disney may not be able to draw in the sales numbers they desire, and if they can't, they should consider giving us high-definition versions of the original theatrical releases of the "original trilogy," instead of the much-hated special editions.

Disney has not given us an exact date of when to expect these box sets. It's doubtful it will be shipped before the actual DVD release of "The Rise of Skywalker."

It would also not be surprising if we learn both release dates at the same time. While the House of Mouse has not published an arrival date, those who can't live without this "Star Wars" box office set, can pre-order the packaged set online through Best Buy. We will just have to wait and see if the box set is truly worth it, and whether fans are really interested in having the complete "Skywalker Saga," in a boxed set instead of individual DVDs, that they have bought over time.