"The Rise of Skywalker," has landed in movie theaters across the country and moviegoers have filled theaters taking in everything that is "Star Wars." J.J. Abrams has returned to direct the final film of the Skywalker franchise and has delivered a tribute that would make any fan happy, but the story is still uninspired in ways.

J.J. Abrams took over "Star Wars" following Rian Johnson's departure and brings "Rise of the Skywalker," a massive galactic battle. However, Abrams' story rehashes the same bag of tricks used in the original trilogy. Despite all of that, it's not a complete loss: Rey returns and delivers a new emotional journal.

Disney spends more money on massive special effects. "The Rise of Skywalker," increases the thrills, but still suffers from a hollow core.

'Rise of Skywalker' focused too much on fan service

"Rise of Skywalker," is not your traditional "Star Wars" film, and it's now become just a mix of cameos and throwbacks, lightsaber battles and screeching TIE fighters, all set to the incredible music of John Williams.

Those who were let down by "The Last Jedi" were already showing concern about this film. Abrams has experience transforming pop culture into a mashup of greatest hits, and his return to "Star Wars," shows Disney was looking to duplicate that for "The Last Jedi." Abrams' work in "The Force Awakens" gave us a handful of new characters while also sticking with the George Lucas universe., as well as include some iconic surprises that fit into the storyline.

"Rise of the Skywalker," takes a similar approach, by focusing on its core characters: Rey, Poe, Finn. Abrams also offers up a touching finale for Carrie Fisher's beloved character Princess Leia.

'The Rise of Skywalker' falls back on old ways

"The Rise of Skywalker," begins with the team searching for Emperor Palpatine and his lair.

Somehow he survived being killed by Darth Vader in "Return of the Jedi," more than 36 years ago. We finally learn that Palpatine has been the man pulling the strings the whole time.

Abrams managed to revive "Star Wars" with new faces, but the series falls back to similar situations that concluded the original trilogy. However, these issues provided enough material for "Star Wars" mojo to slip through.

There are plenty of memorable moments involving the beloved characters including Chewbacca and R2-D2, as well as action sequences that utilize technological wizardry.

There are plenty of amusements that seep into this particular story from twists involving the fates of "Star Wars" most beloved characters: Chewbacca and R2-D2 to stunning action sequences that utilize the full power of technological wizardry. One breathtaking chase scene is definitely one of the best in "Star Wars" films.