Justin Bieber, the husband of model Hailey Baldwin is a ell-known celebrity singer. Justin announced that he would be collaborating with Youtube to launch his Docuseries, "Seasons" on January 27, 2020. He recently launched his long-awaited album, "Yummy" on January 3, 2020, after his last album, "Purpose" in 2015. The "Mistletoe" singer took a break from his career and got closer to God. Plus, he married the woman of his dreams. Then, getting his life back together, after a hiatus, Justin had the biggest comeback in pop history.

Three days after the 25-year-old dropped his solo album, it was already at No.

38 on the "All-format Radio Songs" chart, with 26.7 million audience impressions. Erik Bradley, the assistant Pd/music director and Pop Songs reporter, said that Pop songs need superstars. He noted that Bieber's a superstar.

Justin Bieber joins TikTok

According to The Guardian, Justin Bieber joined the TikTok family, after his release of "Yummy." A lot of Celebrities have gotten a boost from TikTok to promote their albums. The popularity of Bieber's song is that it's fun, danceable, and witty, unlike a lot of TikTok videos we see. However, Bieber did not join TikTok for attention. Actually, he wanted to appreciate the pop-cultural relevance.

Justin Bieber explains why he looked 'homeless'

A lot of people complained about Justin Bieber's appearance.

Some of them said that he looked pale, homeless, and sick, etc. Some of them even said he was on drugs. Justin Bieber, however, has taken to Instagram to explain to people giving negative comments about his appearance. Justin was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Also, a severe case of chronic mono affected his brain function, skin, energy, and overall health.

Bieber did not explain further, specifying that he would throw more light on the topic in his docuseries. He will be uploading his Docuseries, "Seasons," on Youtube very soon.

He ended, saying that it's been very hard for him these couple years but, he would reveal to his fans how he struggled and overcame. He said that the disease was incurable but, but he's taking the right treatment for it, so he believes he will be fine.

Positive comments on Justin Bieber post

The 25-year-old "Yummy" singer's 124 million followers expressed love and support for him and motivated him to keep moving.

  • Chancetherapper said, "GOD IS THE GREATEST NO CAP."
  • Another one said, "Overcoming!!! God is great, " with a prayer emoji.
  • Nyjah said, "You strong, my bro! Stay positive," with a black heart emoji.
  • Poobear said, "Love you @justinbieber, you are the strongest person I know!!!!HBD!!!!"

There were so many positive comments on Justin's post.

Many fans only knew about Bieber's condition now. Many people are happy that he has finally explained to the haters why he looked unwell. He has also corrected the wrong views of people about him. Fans can't wait to see him on his Docuseries, as he will be explaining more about his condition.