The Academy has announced the nominations for the Academy Awards, and one that is making Oscar history is "Joker." "Joker" has been outperforming "The Dark Knight," becoming the most-nominated superhero movie of all time. Christopher Nolan's Batman once held the record with eight Oscar nominations, in 2009, and now "Joker" has earned 11 Oscar nominations.

The Joaquin Phoenix-starring take on DC Comics favorite villain, secured 11 nominations which include: Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. It's now a question of how many can Phillips and Company walk away with on Oscar night.

'Joker' expected to take home plenty of awards at Oscar Night 2020

"Joker," is Phoenix's first time in the comic book movie world. Joaquin Phoenix saw this role as a challenge for him as an actor. Phoenix said that he believed the film was going to be challenging for the audience. "The Dark Knight," earned nominations for many of the similar major categories.

"The Dark Knight," record stood tall for over a decade, but only ended up winning two Oscars at the 81st Academy Awards. Academy Award for Sound Editing and a posthumous Academy Award for Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker. 2019 and "Black Panther" was the last time a superhero film earned a nomination. Marvel's superhero film only ended up earning three Oscars.

Todd Phillips 'Joker,' masterpiece worthy of an Oscar

"Joker" director Todd Phillips spoke out after hearing about the Oscar nominations he and his film received, saying that he was honored to receive this recognition by the Academy. Phillips then thanked Joaquin Phoenix, crew members, and fans. Phillips calls "Joker," a character study that shows us the real world around us.

"Joker" was an indie-style film.

"Joker" becoming one of 2019's best films, makes it a frontrunner for the upcoming Academy Awards. Marvel Studios earned a Best Picture nomination for "Black Panther," but lost out to "Green Book." This year, "Joker" has a strong chance of walking away with a golden Oscar in hand.

Despite the hurdles, Todd Phillips' "Joker," has become one of 2019's greatest films and a cinematic sensation.

The continued popularity may push Joaquin Phoenix even closer to the Best Picture award. "Joker" would become the first comic book movie to ever win an Oscar for best picture. If "Joker," somehow misses out on awards night, fans will be in an uproar. This film was definitely one of 2019's best films and is worthy of some Oscar hardware. "Joker" resonates with moviegoers, because they can connect with the Joker and the mental health issues addressed during the course of the popular film. Fans hope this film makes history at the Academy Awards.