Elvis Presley fans are paying tribute, today January 8, on what would have been the King of Rock and Roll's 85th birthday. The four-day celebration kicked off early this morning with fans lined up for the birthday cake reveal. Fans stood lined around a roped off area in front of the mansion which encased a giant round table with a flowing gold table cloth holding a custom made 9-layer birthday cake honoring Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley remembered by hundreds on 85th birthday

The birthday proclamation ceremony was televised via Graceland live cam and was hosted by SiriusXM Elvis Radio DJ Argo and featured Graceland CEO Jack Soden, Graceland's Holdings LLC managing partner Joel Weinshanker, Memphis Tourism CEO Kevin Kane, Elvis' close friend Jerry Schilling, and Priscilla Presley.

According to Elvis' Instagram, an announcement was made revealing that a new Elvis artifact, his childhood bicycle is now on display for fans to view in the Trophy Building. The bike was given to Elvis by his father Vernon Presley for his 11th birthday. Numerous events are scheduled throughout the four-day event which includes the auction at Graceland, a birthday bash and evening tour, and a celebration concert that features Terry Mike Jeffrey and the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

Elvis Presley's granddaughters absent during family celebration

Each year, hundreds of Elvis Presley fans gather at Graceland to celebrate special events held on both Elvis' birthday, January 8, and again on August 16, the anniversary of the singer's death.

Along with hundreds of dedicated Elvis fans, close friends and family members attend these celebrations each year.

However, as previously reported Elvis' only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley was handed out some very disappointing news on Tuesday when it was revealed that Lisa's twin daughters Harper and Finley were denied permission to leave the state to travel to Memphis with their mother to take part in music icon's tributary celebration.

Michael Lockwood and Lisa Marie Presley prepping for courtroom showdown

Lisa Marie filed emergency court documents asking for special permission from the judge but was sadly denied her request based on the judge's decision which stated that the trip was not of an emergency situation and based on the rules surrounding Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood's upcoming divorce trial neither of the twins' parents are permitted to take the girls to travel out of state until the divorce and custody trial concludes later this summer.

Lisa Marie is heartbroken about the decision and feels bad that the twins are missing what she believes is a historic event pertaining to grandfather's legacy. Lisa and Michael Lockwood's divorce, and custody battle, has been brutal for Lisa every step of the way. The trial is set to begin on July 20 and could last as long as three weeks before a ruling is determined.

Hopefully, all will be settled well before August 16 and the twins will be permitted to attend the 43rd anniversary of Elvis Presley's death with mother Lisa Marie and siblings Riley and Benjamin Keough. Event schedules and ticket prices will be announced in the upcoming weeks on Gracelandcom.