"Bad Boys For Life" has raced into theaters and is breaking expectations. It has been 17 years since the last "Bad Boys" film arrived on the big screen, but that doesn't hurt the experience."Bad Boys For Life" broke box office records in its opening weekend. I ended up watching the first two again before watching it at the theater.

The "Bad Boys" franchise is an incredibly funny and sometimes serious buddy cop series of films. I spent the day watching the first two films again. For those who have not seen the first two, you will still enjoy this epic cinematic adventure.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith back for more buddy cop action

Throughout the film, "Bad Boys For Life" manages to pay homage to its prior films as a way to enhance the story. This film can still stand on its own. While so much time as passed since the last film, the characters remain the same, and the film picks up exactly where the last film finished.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith return with even more laughs and one-liners. The film begins with Mike speeding through Miami at top speed, while Marcus appears to be getting extremely car sick. This new film finds the pair in a serious predicament. While the first 20 minutes of the film may seem slow, it's necessary so we can gain some insight, but then the "action" starts which fuels the rest of the film.

Mike attempts to convince Marcus to stay on the force, but instead, Marcus wants to stay home and break fans. However, after another emotional tense situation, Marcus realizes he can't walk away and together they decide "One more time." It only took the first 28 minutes for me to shed a tear. If you've been a fan since the first film, you create an emotional connection to these characters.

'Bad Boys 3' brings back the Miami vibes

"Bad Boys For Life," brings back the music, the feel, the environment, the humor of danger, along with the edge of your seat action. These specific danger scenarios are massive and unpredictable. Despite these life-in-danger moments, you know Martin will aways have a one-liner that leaves the audience laughing.

His greatest funny moment was after the rubber bullet incident. (You have to see it to understand it.)

When it comes to the rest of the cast, you will see some returning faces. The Captain returns and continues to play his role with a fire, staying true to character. We also get to meet some new characters, including Vanessa Hudgens' Rita.

If you're a true fan of the franchise since the start, the third film will definitely not disappoint you. You will be surprised at the twist. I saw it coming, but only moments before it the audience was made aware of it. It's definitely a big one. If this is your first meeting of "Bad Boys," you will still enjoy the movie completely.