The 38-year-old American "90 Day Fiancé" reality star, Tim Malcolm, is a luxurious man with great taste for things and a great fashion sense. He has a little bit of feminine nature and was mistaken for a transgender person until he shut down the rumors, saying that he is not a transgender person. He is only a gentleman, and it is as a result of his upbringing. He also said that he was a nerd when he was much younger.

Tim Malcolm wants to fall in love

The 38-year-old Southern man explained that he was trying to take it slow with his girlfriend because, he wanted to fall in love, and he did not want to get married, only to divorce in a few months or years.

On the "90 Day Fiancé" show, Tim is in a relationship with Jennifer Tarazona, a 25-year-old model from Columbia. At first, Malcolm feared that she would not fancy him, but, he later realized that she was into his luxurious lifestyle. Although, she has serious jealousy for Veronica, Tim's ex-girlfriend, which he is awkwardly close to. Malcolm continuously tells her that their relationship is only on a friendly basis. Tim takes care of his adopted 12-year-old daughter, Sarah, from his last contact with Veronica Rodriguez.

Tim Malcolm is very active on Instagram. He posted a video, wishing his elder brother a happy 40th birthday. He said that his brother is his best friend, he also asked his followers to go to his brother's Instagram account and wish him a happy birthday.

One of his followers commented, "Stop crossing your legs on pillow talk, "and the "90-day" cast replied, "or what?" With a make emoji, slightly raising both hands, as in to ask a question.

Someone even explained that his father was a manly man and a military man but still crossed his legs.

Tim posted another photo of him with a red under-eye patch. He captioned," Getting ready for my day! New package coming soon for my newest favorite skincare product." Someone commented, "It looks like you smashed two giant strawberries underneath your eyes." Tim replied, saying, "Thank you".

Tim and fans react to negative comments under Tim Malcolm post

There were negative comments under Tim's post about wearing his eye patch. Someone commented, "They won't stop the aging process" and Malcolm replied saying, "Nothing will. Unless you know where the magical fountain of youth is. Please share." He added a heart emoji at the end of his reply.

A bigger negative comment came. Someone said, "Seriously dude, get tested for testosterone levels. You have a minimum" The 38-year-old American was quick to tell the person to "put their money where their mouth is". Other fans reacted to the comment too. Someone said, "An eight-year-old boy could cross his legs tighter than Tim does. Cheese and rice no way he has any testosterone in his body."

Another one said, "What is it to You?

Maybe you can donate some of your testosterone to Tim."

Another one said, "Looks like you need more schooling on how to motivate and uplift people. Guess that's not something you can learn in the gym."

Dean Hashim apologizes to Tim Malcolm

Former "Pillow Talk" cast apologizes to Malcolm for doing a react video. He explained that he did the video, because, he felt like he had to after he was replaced by Tim. Tim accepted the apology and advised his fans to be forgiving to people that wrong them.