Disney is denying claims that it's all doom and gloom for the upcoming Disney Plus series "Hawkeye." Over the weekend, several reports came out that suggested that the Disney+ series was being delayed indefinitely. The report first came from Murphy's Multiverse, which alleged that "Hawkeye," was taken off of Marvel's production schedule this year.

The Verge's Julia Alexander has come out and said the report is "untrue." Disney executives have strongly denied it, calling it "completely inaccurate." Alexander has reassured fans of "Hawkeye", that they may actually see "Hawkeye," on the streaming service.

The rumored cancellation got plenty of fans nervous about the future of Marvel's Disney Plus content, while the original reports made it clear that "Hawkeye" was not scrapped. "Hawkeye" would end up being filmed after both "She-Hulk," and "Moon Knight."

Marvel Studios not planning to 'indefinitely delay Hawkeye'

It appears that there are no official plans to indefinitely delay "Hawkeye," and it will remain that way until either Marvel Studios or Disney releases a statement. No casting news has been reported for "Hawkeye," other than Jeremy Renner's return as Clint Barton. Marvel Studios previously said that Kate Bishop would be a part of the series, and it was rumored that Hailee Steinfeld would take on the role, but the actress has warned fans not to get their hopes up since she has not signed an official deal with Marvel and Disney.

It also appears that Steinfeld's deal with Apple TV is having an impact on a possible deal with Marvel Studios.

"Hawkeye" was originally set to start shooting this summer, but the show has allegedly been taken off of production grids. However, this doesn't actually mean Marvel is pushing it back. While there may be a pause on filming, it doesn't necessarily mean it will be an "indefinite," pause like Murphy's report originally said.

Possible delay is just because of casting needs

According to Murphy's report, the original reason behind the delay, was because Marvel had shuffled its plans, to allow more room for Phase 4, with "Ms. Marvel," "Moon Knight," and "She-Hulk," being released ahead of "Hawkeye." "WandaVision" has now been set to release this year, instead of 2021, as originally announced.

Previous reports came out that the reason for "Hawkeye," being shelved was because of Jeremy Renner's family matters.

For now, it seems like a delay can just be chalked up to casting holes that need to be filled, rather than what the original reports have claimed. It will take time for fans to see whether what the real story is, and how soon we can expect "Hawkeye," on Disney Plus.