TLC’s "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" continues this month. The show will air its final episode of the season on Sunday 27th October. Fans have been following the show to find out which couples will live happily ever after. Tim Malcolm and Jennifer Tarazona were getting along at the beginning of the season. However, things have been less rosy lately. Tim’s ex Veronica has made things a little complicated in recent episodes.

Veronica meddling in the current relationship

Jennifer was not happy and said that she wanted her own original ring. Tim defended the gesture saying that he had not had the time to purchase a new ring.

He also added that the ring was a sign that Veronica approved of their relationship. Jennifer also had an uncomfortable moment with Tim’s ex when she questioned them about their sex life on FaceTime, reports US Magazine. Jennifer was not happy with the question.

“That’s Veronica. She’s just a very f–king direct person,” Tim explained to Us Magazine. “I would have expected nothing less.”

With the recent involvement of Veronica in Tim’s and Jennifer’s relationship, fans have speculated that Tim and his ex-girlfriend would get back together. However, in a recent interview at the "90-Day Fiancé" press mixer, Tim denied the claims and said it would never happen. The reality star said that said the two were not a good fit romantically.

While the two share a daughter, Chloe, Tim says that they can only be co-parents and nothing more. He said he would be very surprised if they were to get back together. On Veronica’s recent involvement in his current relationship, Tim admitted that she was trying to get Jennifer jealous. He said that from their time together, he had gotten used to Veronica’s personality.

He was not surprised that she behaved in that manner, calling it natural for her. Fans were not too pleased with his ex-girlfriend meddling in his current relationship.

Tim on his ex-girlfriend

Despite her behavior, Tim feels that the negative comments about his ex-girlfriend are unwarranted. The reality star said he was bothered with the negativity Veronica was receiving on social media.

He felt the need to speak out and defend her because they were still friends, and have a child to raise together. Asked how frequently he hangs out with his ex, Tim replied that they do not see each other often. He revealed that she has a boyfriend and that they only see each other when handing over their daughter. On the status of his relationship with Jennifer, Tim did not reveal much. He urged fans to tune in and find out what would happen to the couple. There are only two episodes left for the season. Let us know what you think about the whole situation, post your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updfates on "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days."