"90 Day Fiancé" reality duo, Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith had their struggles in their relationship in The Other Way. Ronald, from South Africa, was a gambling addict when he met Franco, but he did not reveal to her about his addiction until they were engaged. This affected their relationship because Tiffany started having huge doubts.

However, she later married him. Ronald also explained his criminal record to his lover and they decided he should go to rehab. Tiffany said on the show that he did not tell her about his record when he revealed he had a gambling addiction.

She also said that she saw it but, she did not want to bring it up because they were trying to resolve the fact that he hid his addiction problem from her. She also regretted why she did not take the time to ask him more at the time.

Tiffany decided to forgive Ronald but, she still had doubts. She was also worried about taking her son to South Africa from the United States. Ronald became a future father when Tiffany found out she was pregnant, but it only made her confused about whether she should remain in South Africa with her kids. Ronald told her that South Africa was not really safe at the time but, it was still a nice place to live in. Her son, Daniel admitted that he did not want to permanently live in Africa, but he liked the place because he would be with Ronald.

During their Tell-All show, Tiffany revealed that they spoke to their lawyer and technically, Ronald's records were clear. Tiffany is trying to find a way to get Ronald access to the K-1 visa. They live in separate countries but still keep a bond. They post about each other on social media often.

Tiffany posts her daughter on social media

Tiffany posted a cute photo of their daughter Carley Rose on her Instagram account. She captioned it, "Queen of my DREAMS!!! Ugh!!" Carley is seen smiling with bright eyes, wearing a yellow top.

Tiffany ventures on her weight loss journey

Tiffany also posted a photo of herself on Instagram and she seems to have lost weight.

She did not caption it in words, only an emoji (a woman raising her two hands slightly up). Her fans saw the change and many of them started to ask if she got slimmer. She replied saying that she has.

Some fans tell her she did not lose weight

Some fans had negative things to say. One of them said, "56" hips. ok skinny where." Tiffany replied. "I’m skinny I’m really skinny does that make you upset when I say that? How does it make you feel when I say I’m in love with me?" She added, " Does it cause you to feel angry? If it dies you probably hate yourself and have a deep desire to love yourself. However I advise you to not project that onto me. What you feel towards yourself has nothing to do with me."

Another fan even said that the strawberry emoji on the picture was to hide her fat.

She did not let it affect her. Tiffany asked the person how a little emoji could cover "50 percent" of her body. Then she said, " I advise you to return to school and learn math a little bit more hahah."

Many fans admired her weight loss and some of them asked for the secret. She earlier revealed a product she used to reduce bloating and low energy. She also said that she had been consistently using it for three months and she had felt better. She continued, saying that it's easier for her to wake up in the morning with the help of the product.