Mike and Natalie were at the center of a memorable "90 Day Fiancé" episode. The couple’s relationship has been a strained one this season, and they could finally call it quits. Despite their engagement, things have unraveled quickly for the Ukrainian-American couple. Natalie dropped a harsh truth bomb which left fans feeling sorry for Mike.

Mike and Natalie on '90 Day Fiance'

While speaking to the "90 Day Fiance" producers’, Natalie casually revealed that she was not certain if she loved her boyfriend, reports EOnline.

At the time, Mike was preparing to leave Ukraine, and he seemed clueless about how to proceed with the relationship.

Things only got worse for the American reality star as Natalie returned the engagement ring. However, just when it seemed that they were finally over, she decided to go with him to the airport. In the car, she made advances towards Mike, confusing viewers even further on her true intentions. Mike did not fall for her seductive advances and he told her to stop acting childish. This riled up Natalie, who said that he needed to apologize, and maybe if he did, things would be perfect.

Her boyfriend did not fall for her smooth talk.

He insisted that nothing was perfect, and the two went back forth. As they parted ways, Natalie acknowledged that she still had feelings for him. Mike left the country upset with how his stay had gone and unsure about the future of his relationship. Asked by producers how he felt about the relationship, he had a grim outlook.

He said that his current relationship status was “not engaged.”

Blake and Jasmin on '90 Day Fiance'

The other couples on the show also had their fair share of drama. Blake and Jasmin argued over attending a birthday party, an argument Jasmin won. She convinced him to get dinner instead, but that was not the end of their squabbles. Their next fight was about Blake’s drinking. Jasmin insisted that he did not need alcohol to have a good time, but he ordered a drink anyway. She was angry with him and called her sister to talk about his conduct. Tania and Syngin tried to make nice after their recent disagreement but they were not successful.

While on an astrology video call, Tania said that she was not convinced that Syngin was his soul mate. Syngin tried to assure her that she was his soul mate, but Tania made things worse by suggesting that her first boyfriend was a more likely astrological match.

Angela and Michael’s quest for a K1 Visa ran into more headwinds. Angela tried her best to follow up on their application. She visited the American embassy in Nigeria but she had to make an appointment, despite her pleas that their case was an emergency. Her relationship with Michael will have some testy days ahead after he expressed his wish to visit the United States on a spouse visa. That probably means that they will have to hold their wedding in Nigeria.