One of the standout aspects of “The Good Doctor” within the realm of TV Shows is the crafting of unique and memorable storylines that stay within viewers’ consciousness and the beautiful flow of dialogue. Both of those components are abundant in the January 20 Episode 12 of Season 3, “Mutations.”

The episode opens with Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) making the most drastic change in his life in recent memory—helping Lea (Paige Spara) pack up and move. As they split the dinnerware that they purchased together, Shaun is eager to fulfill his pledge to Carly (Jasika Nicole) made in last week's “The Good Doctor Episode 11.

Lea seems supportive of the pair’s choice, but no one ever knows when Lea will turn up at the doorstep again.

Their longed-for private moments hold a hiccup for Carly, which causes the “The Good Doctor” some bewilderment. His meticulous nature insists that being “ready” and following Carly’s wish fulfills the environment for passion. Carly is confused by her hesitation but assures Shaun that she is fully devoted to their relationship.

Personal matters are pushed aside as the residents confront life-and-death issues. One patient is battling his own immune system for life, and Carly's unique intercession using zebrafish buys back some precious life.

Claire is captivated by young love on ‘The Good Doctor’

Dr. Brown and Dr. Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) deliver unfortunate news to Ryan (David Iacono) regarding his kidney cancer, preparing him for surgery and more rounds of chemo. The young man takes his condition in stride but wants desperately to take Angie (Alyssa Jirrels) to her prom.

The team can't promise that possibility, but they are delightfully dumbfounded when the pre-op examination reveals that the cancer is gone. Ryan and Angie are in the middle of jubilant leaps when Angie drops to the floor in a seizure. She is the one facing a dire fate from an invasive brain tumor.

Angie’s mother (Brigid Brannagh) seems more consumed with separating her daughter from Ryan and concentrating on saving her life, not realizing the pain of separation for Angie.

Claire is completely swept up in the rapture of their young romance and offers to do video chatting or other means to let Angie and Ryan communicate. Mom is not supportive and instead asks that her daughter's room be listed as “No Visitors,” even after Dr. Brown's appeal that depression produces negative patient outcomes.

Claire confronts more of all she missed through her youth with her addicted mother. She never had the experience of prom, normal dating relationships, or other teen phases of freedom due to constant pressure and caretaking in her home situation. In a playful but touching exchange, Dr. Melendez describes being “prom king” with his queen, as others on the team relate personal experiences.

Claire is out of that loop, but once more, she comes through like the heart of "The Good Doctor."

Claire always reaches to altruism, and recruits full hospital support in arranging a full prom experience for Angie and Ryan, right down to the pink prom gown and Ed Sheeran accompaniment. Melendez completely confirms that Claire is “giddy” in seeing their dream dances, and she deserves it. He offers to give her a dance from “the prom king.” She accepts. The scene is emotion and sweetness as only “The Good Doctor” delivers.

The timing of Ryan and Angie's joy seems divine because her surgery turns out to be far more complicated, with the mass embedded far more precariously than even Dr. Glassman’s expertise can tackle.

This time, the wizard has no saving techniques, and Dr. Melendez relents: “iI I go any deeper, I'll kill her.” She returns to ICU early, and her mother has to hear that chemo and radiation will do little in this situation. She is stricken by a massive seizure, and cannot be saved even by Melendez and Claire. Ryan comforts Angie’s mom upon hearing the news, and, at that moment, she realizes that they both cherished her daughter and those last dances.

Dr. Melendez pushes Claire to accept that it is normal to be angry with someone for dying, referring both to Angie and the still-raw pain of her mother's loss. “Therapy helps,” he contends, before offering another of his own techniques. The two take a spirited late-night sprint around a track.

The gravitational pull is in force for this resident-star surgeon relationship.

‘The Good Doctor’ and Carly do some fishing in the lab

Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) is finding it near impossible to keep the rheumatoid arthritis, she previously determined to keep hidden, still a secret. The methotrexate that eases the pain is a nightmare with nausea and vomiting. Dr. Glassman offers to prescribe different alternatives, but she refuses until she can't keep anything down.

Morgan and Shaun take on the trickiest case of James (Thomas Cadrot), a young athlete whose own immune system is causing him to drown internally from his own retained fluids. Several medications are suggested, and Shaun and Carly both do extensive research.

Sadly, the medications themselves have drastic side effects, like a gastric bleed. Carly relates the research with zebrafish to Dr. Lim (Christina Chang). The fish are marvelous at maturation and development of whole organs, such as hearts, so they are perfect candidates for testing with problem DNA.

It’s a good night for ‘The Good Doctor’ and Carly

Morgan Reznick gets herself into more of a jam when she approaches. Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) on writing a paper together about one of his innovative techniques. He is thrilled by the idea and proposes meeting together over breakfast weekly. There is no way that Morgan can get herself through the “real breakfast” of eggs and bacon that Andrews condones.

That situation prompts her to seek a new prescription.

The calendar finally clears for Shaun and Carly to have some cozy time, and the details are left to the imagination. The episode closes with one of Shaun’s wide-eyed, joyful smiles, lying shirtless under the covers while Carly sleeps. Some reviewers, such as from TV Fanatic, have focused on sadness in this installment of "The Good Doctor," The hopeful message permeates above any gloom with a lesson. The night ended in an affirmation of life and love, and an admonition that moments for living and loving need to be seized with heart and soul.