Sheinelle Jones wore all kinds of hats before she became a full-time co-host on “3rd Hour of Today.” Just last month the very busy and devoted working mother announced that she was stepping back from her “Weekend Today” shift to spend more time with her family, including her three children and her husband, Uche Ojeh, a managing partner at one of the most prestigious US software companies. Like her cohorts, Sheinelle Jones feels free to speak her mind, in several ways, and this morning, January 22, she decided to break out some moves when she and frequent guest host and member of the “Today” family, Maria Shriver, made a statement completely in line with hers.

Sheinelle Jones knows the feeling of being finally heard

A big part of the reason why millions of viewers have come to love the gang at “3rd Hour of Today” over other TV Shows is the co-hosts’ gift for honest banter. Whether discussing a quirky survey mentioned by the beloved senior on the panel, Al Roker, a pet peeve, or something from the headlines, Sheinelle Jones and company have no trouble letting their opinions flow.

Al Roker started a social media commotion, known as “tie-gate,” about a week ago, with his strong stance against not wearing a necktie when on the air. Sheinelle Jones took the side of international correspondent, Keir Simmons, in supporting the casual style, and wasn't shy about telling Mr.

Roker that the viewers agreed with her.

Sheinelle got unexpected support this morning from Maria Shriver, who offered her view on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s move to Canada. The words were fairly exact to those of Sheinelle Jones just days before, but somehow, the guys heard them for the first time when Shriver spoke.

Maria Shriver and Sheinelle Jones agree that Meghan and Harry may still have to fight for peace

Maria Shriver understands the glare of public scrutiny. Being born into the Kennedy clan as the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver, she had a front-row seat to all her family’s immense philanthropic effort but also felt the intrusion of the camera lens following her every move.

Her high-profile marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1986 only became a more powerful fodder for the press when she became First Lady of California when Schwarzenegger was inaugurated in 2003.

Maria Shriver exemplified maternal protection for the couple's children amidst the infidelity ordeal that led to her filing for divorce in 2011. The divorce did not become final until 2017, and Maria has stood firm in mediating co-parenting for their now-grown children.

Perhaps it was her mother's heart that prompted Maria's response about Prince Harry and Meghan hoping for peace from the press in Canada. She first mentioned that the couple actually had stronger press protection laws in England, largely due to the harrowing circumstances of Princess Diana’s untimely death.

While Shriver certainly can commiserate with Prince Harry's feelings, she spoke that “I think where you go is where you are,” conveying that similar problems will still exist for the family.

No sooner had the last word left Maria Shriver’s lips before Sheinelle Jones jumped from her seat, slapped Maria's hand with a high-five, and exclaimed to her broadcast partners, “Didn't I say the same thing?” She boisterously defended that her comments were clearly in accord just days ago, and even mimicked Craig Melvin in his playful mocking of her. Jones celebrated her affirmation with a tasteful shimmy.

Al Roker wanted no part of this verbal battle.

Instead, slapped Maria's hand with the weatherman lifted his “3rd Hour Today” coffee mug, and gave a long, bemused stare into the camera.

Many moms out there can certainly relate to Sheinelle. Mothers can say something 2000 times, and it always flies above the radar until a boyfriend or a best friend restates it, making it the sagest of counsel.

Sheinelle Jones soaks in a spiritual perspective

Sheinelle Jones has shared that she and her husband start their day with a few minutes in prayer each morning. The 41-year-old broadcast journalist spoke about the practice recently on “3rd Hour of Today,” relating how her husband had also felt the positive benefit of beginning the day in gratitude.

In this morning's “Faithful” segment, Sheinelle Jones spoke in-depth with Rev.

Dr. Lakeesha Walrond, senior pastor of First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem, and now, the first woman president of the New York Theological Seminary.

Walrond first took the pulpit after literally feeling the calling “deep in my gut” as she described, and then a bursting ray of sun confirmed its truth. She followed into preaching in her husband's stead, and now assumes a position never previously held by a woman. The Rev. Dr, Walrond delights that “education and the spiritual” work in concert for her young church leaders, who learn from her how to stay relevant, real and “preach to the hungry and to the woman from an abusive relationship.”

Sheinelle Jones described her Kansas City church growing up and never having a woman preacher, and Walrond recalled being warned that “women should never preach.” Now, her own powerful story of overcoming sexual assault speaks hope from her pulpit.

Sheinelle Jones confirmed to her co-hosts that “lines wrapped around the building” happened every Sunday morning at the Harlem church. Massive recent snowstorms don’t thin the crowds or the spirit.

Mornings are spiritual times for Sheinelle Jones and her family, even without a pulpit, and she always feels moved to throw in a little dancing in the spirit, too.