"90 Day Fiance" is getting more interesting with each passing episode. In the upcoming episode of the reality show, Blake and Jasmine will be in the spotlight. The couple has been facing a wide variety of challenges in their relationship. The two first met through a dating app. They quickly fell in love, prompting Jasmin to leave Finland for America to be with her fiancé. It also turns out that her sister, who is currently in the US after winning the Green Card Lottery, lives just a stone's throw from Blake. Currently, Jasmine is living with her mother and Blake lives with his brother.

Blake and Jasmine on '90 Day Fiance'

Unfortunately, after Blake and Jasmine finally moved in together, challenges have been their portion. The continuous issues between them are already jeopardizing their relationship. Here is the sneak peek of Jasmine and Blake's latest conversation on "90 Day Fiances."

The relationship problems between Blake and Jasmine

Just recently, Jasmin thwarted Blake's plans. According to their initial schedule, the two were to meet up with Blake's friends ahead of a planned birthday party. Instead, Jasmin manipulated him into going out for dinner together. Sadly for him, upon ordering another drink to make it two for the night, his fiancé tapped out and went to her sister’s place.

Out of disappointment, he opted to drain his sorrows at a party. He really wanted to go with her to Everett's birthday.

Blake concluded that his fiancé doesn’t seem committed to building friendships with people who matter to him, such as his friends and family members.

According to EOnline, Blake said, "When Jasmin left to her sister's, I felt disappointed."

Blake and Jasmin's last attempt to save the relationship

It seems that the two might have to resolve their issues now that time is not on their side. Their wedding is just around the corner, but the fact that they are not in good books may hamper their essential day.

However, Jasmin doesn’t seem to be going back against her word. Even though she likes Blake's friends, she also wants him to make some effort and get to know her sister on a personal level.

At the moment, Jasmin would always pick her sister’s company over any other option. With these issues still posing a significant threat to their relationship, fans of this TLC show will be in for a great treat. A lot of drama still lies in store for them as this exciting drama unfolds, we will keep you posted with every latest happening. "90 Day Fiancé's" next episode will broadcast this Sunday, 8 PM on TLC. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."