Anna and Mursel's future as a couple is up in the air as the "90 Day Fiancé" couple mull over the end of their engagement. Not surprisingly, Anna got disappointed at Mursel for choosing his parents over her. According to EOnline, she told him to get out of her house and stay in a hotel while waiting for his flight to Turkey.

In a preview for the next "90 Day Fiancé" episode, Mursel went to Anna's house to get some of his remaining possessions. He also took it as a chance to apologize to Anna. Anna, however, did not buy it. She even refused to hug him, despite him pleading.

The two, who met on social media as beekeeping enthusiasts, started falling in love with each other last year. This was despite the challenges they had to face in communicating due to a language barrier.

Anna, who really liked Mursel, decided to visit Turkey to finally meet him. They had a wonderful time together there. Four months after she went home, Mursel decided to propose to her. The Turkish man then got a K-1 visa so he could fly to the United States for their marriage. But before his trip, Mursel failed to mention to his parents that Anna already has three children from a previous relationship. These children are Joey (15), Gino (14), and Leo (6), all of whom she greatly adores. Sad to say, Mursel did not make a good first impression on the children.

Once, they even questioned why he is keeping them a secret from his parents.

Mursel's parents on Anna

After getting informed about Anna's past, to say that Mursel's parents did not appreciate their son keeping a secret from them is an understatement. This was when things between Mursel and Anna took a turn for the worse. Due to their conservative background, they got outraged at the thought of their son marrying a woman who had children out of wedlock.

Due to her anger, Mursel's mother confessed that she never liked Anna for her son. She said that she only kept quiet then because she respected her son's choices. But now that she knows her past, she urged Mursel to cut all ties with Anna and go home.

Are Anna and Mursel still together?

Fans are curious whether Anna and Mursel will be able to hurdle this latest challenge to their relationship.

According to the "90 Day Fiancé" Instagram fan page Fraudedbytlc, the couple went on ahead and married each other. The account uploaded a screenshot of the couple's registry in a state database. If the image is to be believed, Anna and Mursel held their wedding on September 08, 2019, in Nebraska.

Even during promos for the show's seventh season, there were already rumors that the two already got hitched. They were seen wearing the same traditional Turkish wedding bands. Anna felt the need to clear up the speculations about their relationship. She explained that the bands that she and Mursel are wearing are a customary part of the Turkish engagement ceremony. She also tried to disprove the fan page's wedding theory by saying that they were only engaged on September 08, 2018.