Like their morning contenders, the “Today” co-hosts sign-off early on Thanksgiving Day to make room, on the broadcast schedule for the annual parade and football festivities. Al Roker was fulfilling his emcee honors for the 25th year with Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and the affable weatherman had no idea that he would become the celebrity of the day, thanks to a favorite recipe ingredient.

The other hosts of “Today” had more traditional days of food, family, and friends. Some are old pros at hosting a full house, and one cook everything for the first time.

Hoda Kotb isn't the only one on “Today” who has a new engagement ring now, but she may be the only morning favorite who served Thanksgiving day ice cream.

No matter who did the cooking, every bite was better together, according to November 29 reports on “Today” and from ET Canada, and the more at the table, the merrier.

A savory scuffle

The crowds of families assembled to see the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade were pleased to get the “day of” decision that the balloons would fly, just at lower levels. There were only two incidents, thanks to the skill of the handlers. One band member was knocked to the ground, unhurt, by a balloon under a strong wind gust, and the Ronald McDonald balloon suffered a cut and partially deflated.

“Snoopy in Space” didn't make it to the stratosphere, but at least he was there to bring smiles.

Nothing about Al Roker’s spirits deflated as he trekked through each “neck of the woods” in the route. He sought out the eggs and bread to chat up the breakfast regulars and joshed as he jostled with a man donned as a stick of butter.

“I'm here to butter you up,” exclaimed the jovial dairy product, as Al played along. Several minutes later, the same “butter man” came sprinting up beside Al on his motorcycle. His determination created a trending topic for the day, and Roker reported yesterday morning that he never realized until later that it was the same person.

The luscious encounter even got the attention of Lin Manuel Miranda.

Dinner delights

Al Roker is a respected chef at home and on “Today,” but the parade shift usually takes up most of the day, so he and his wife, Deborah Roberts, and their son, Nick, still at home, usually treat themselves to dinner out. Meteorologist, Dylan Dreyer, runs her kitchen like a restauranteur. She hosts the family gathering every year, even this year, during her “very pregnant” months. She described last Friday on “Today” how she prepares spreadsheets to ensure that nothing is forgotten and every dish gets prepared. Her shared photo on social media surely deserves the “Most Cozy Thanksgiving Award.”

Co-host, Sheinelle Jones, cooked for the first time for family and friends this year, and besides the yummy goodness at the table, which included “really good” homemade cranberry sauce, the busy mom has to be grateful for her daughter, who made the shopping list for every entrée.

Hoda Kotb still has her engagement ring glow since her announcement last week of her long-term intentions with Joel Schiffman. “Today” reporter, Morgan Radford, broke the happy news of her engagement to David Williams, to the show and on social media. Weddings and babies seem to be contagious on the morning show in recent years.

Hoda readily confesses that she is not a cook, but her mother, Joel, and her sisters can assist in that area. The co-anchor had some belated birthday celebrations, as she noted in her Thanksgiving post. Thankfully, no cooking is needed for ice cream, and it’s sure to be a hit with her daughter, Haley joy, too. No matter what is served or where the table is set, love is the only essential ingredient, with butter, or not.