With Season 10 of “Counting On” underway, Jinger Duggar is set to experience a lot of changes. Her family is moving to Los Angeles soon. This means they are going to have to leave Jinger’s large family behind, in Arkansas, as they try to take charge of their own lives in California.

Jinger Duggar debuts blonde hairdo

As she prepares for their move to California, Duggar has made the decision to dye her hair blond.

In a teaser clip for “Counting On,” Duggar’s husband, Jeremy, is seen eagerly waiting for her arrival as she makes her way home from the salon.

He is excited to see how Jinger will look with her new hairdo. He also anticipates that their daughter, Felicity, might have a different reaction to it.

When Jinger walks into the house, he is immediately appreciative of how good Jinger looks. Felicity, on the other hand, was puzzled at first before she realizes that she is staring at her mom. She then reached out for a hug from Jinger.

Jeremy praised Jinger’s new look. He thinks that she looks like a girl from California, which makes her ready for their move to Los Angeles.

The family’s Los Angeles move was announced months ago. Jinger will be pursuing her career as an influencer while Jeremy will finish his graduate studies at Grace Community Church.

Partnership with Fonuts breaks down

Meanwhile, not everything is going as smoothly when the cameras are off. As she settles into Los Angeles, Duggar's deal with a local business has already failed.

Los Angeles-based donut business Fonuts has announced that they have terminated their partnership with Duggar. The 25-year old reality show star was supposed to serve as an influencer, posting about the company's products on her social media accounts.

The termination of the partnership was triggered when Duggar posted a photo of the company's limited-edition product, Jingerbread. Social media backlash started, with a lot of people sending messages and posting comments on the company's pages. They warned the company that they were going to work with a "bigot," a reference to her family's allegedly homophobic beliefs.

As a result, Fonuts apologized for the decision to partner with Duggar. The company then pledged to properly do background checks on promotional partners next time.

The Fonuts backlash may have also affected her appearance at a Toys for Tots event. Duggar was supposed to appear with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. However, it seems that Duggar will no longer be participating in the charity event.

Jinger Duggar on '19 Kids and Counting' to 'Counting On'

Jinger Duggar was on “19 Kids and Counting” from 2008-2015, appearing with other members of their massive family. After a molestation scandal involving his brother Josh blew up in 2015, the series was canceled.

She, along with sisters Jessa, Jana, and Jill, then starred in a follow-up series “Counting On.” Jinger and Jeremy have become one of the biggest stars from the show. Their wedding was even featured in the series.