Michael Jessen blasts Paola Mayfield on an infamous Instagram rant. Paola Mayfield claps back at fellow "90 Day Fiancé" star Michael Jessen, calling him “ridiculous” for attacking her when she gave an opinion about his relationship. The feud started when Jessen was alerted to comments Mayfield made about him. Mayfield said that Jessen only thinks about himself after seeing a scene of Jessen and fiancé Juliana Custodio meeting up with a prenup mediator on "90 Day Fiancé."

Jessen attacked Mayfield on Instagram

Jessen then attacked Mayfield on Instagram Live, saying that he is upset about her comments.

He thinks that he is being unfairly distorted as a bad guy on the show. As someone who was from the show herself, Jessen thinks that Mayfield should know better.

When Paola and husband Russ made a guest appearance on The Domenick Nati Show, she chuckled at Jessen’s apparent dislike of her. According to her, she has the right to express her opinion. She also maintains that she did not say anything wrong.

With regards to the infamous Instagram live video rant that Jessen made, she was indifferent about it. She said that she has risen above the drama and that he should have settled everything between the two of them.

Paola Mayfield vs online trolls

Paola is proving to be someone who would not back down from people who say negative things about her online.

She clapped back at an online troll after she was called out for posting a photo of her in a pool while wearing a bikini. The online troll implied that she did not respect her husband, to which she simply replied that it was Russ who took the picture. A lot of people in the comments section of her post defended her.

It can be recalled that Paola just gave birth to her son Axel this year.

According to her, the picture she posted was also her way of telling everyone that she worked hard to shed off her pregnancy weight.

Russ and Paola on '90 Day Fiancé'

Russ and Paola have turned out to be one of the most popular couples that the show has ever produced. The two, who now star in spinoff "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?" were featured in the inaugural season of the mothership show.

They first saw each other in Colombia when Russ was on a work trip for the petroleum company he worked in. She eventually traveled to America on a K-1 visa to be with Russ.

They got married to each other in October 2013. After starring in the original series, Paola and Russ headlined the "Happily Ever After" spinoff of the franchise. Since it started, they have been an integral part of the show’s cast. Stay tuned for more updates on "90 Days Fiance."