Natalie and Mike are one different couple. Natalie is a religious Christian, while Mike believes in aliens. During last week's episode, Natalie was very upset that Mike did not believe in God. Natalie does not think the future would be a smooth ride.

She tried to explain to Mike that if they have babies in the future, their kids would have a lot of conflicts. She explained to him that she did not want her kids to disagree on their beliefs. She was very worried that Mike believed in aliens. Natalie discovered this when they were having dinner with Natalie's friend, Svetlana.

Mike stated that he believed that gods we're aliens; he said he believed in a higher power. Natalie felt embarrassed, but, Mike stated that he supported her in whatever she believed in.

Later, when Mike asked Natalie about what she liked to do with her ex, she took offense and said that she left her ex because he did not want children. Mike was surprised that she was upset because he felt like they have both moved on.

35 year old Ukrainian, Natalie has made her desire for babies known while 34-year-old Mike stated that he did not want a baby anytime room because he was in debt. But he did not tell Natalie about his debts.

Natalie's K-1 visa got denied, and she asked Mike to come to Ukraine to give her emotional support.

In Ukraine, Natalie started treating Mike badly because of his belief, he got upset and left the house after saying that she made him feel like a bad person because he believed in aliens. Natalie began to worry a lot because Mike had left the house and was now on the streets of a town he did not know, and they did not speak English too.

She was very scared that he could get lost.

Mike begins to have doubts about his relationship with Natalie

According to Etonline, Mike explained that he just went to grab a few drinks. He says that Natalie is stressing him in the relationship, and he is beginning to have serious doubts.

Mike tells Natalie that he is in debts

Mike later cleared his head and went back to Natalie's home.

Natalie apologizes and explains that it is hard for her to be vulnerable. Michael then confessed about his big debt. He tells Natalie that he doesn't want a baby yet because he is in debt of $30,000.

Natalie does not seem angry; she tells him that he is a good man. She also promises to work when she gets to America to support him and help him pay off his debt. But, She tells the TLC camera that she would not have agreed to be in a relationship with him if she had known about his debt before. She said that there was no going back now as she had to be an understanding partner now.

They ended up on a good note, and Mike said that they were going to work together to make the relationship work.

We do not know what could happen; next, we just have to wait and see.