"90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" presented the unlikely couple, Tim Malcolm and Jeniffer Tarazona. Tim - short, slim, and described as "very feminine" by fans of the show - hooked up with stunning, tall and classy Jeniffer. As reported, things didn't go well between the couple. Especially, as Tim gave her a ring from his ex - Veronica. But now, Jeniffer posted a photo of her with DJ Diplo, also known as Thomas Wesley Pentz. On the Instagram post, fans immediately assumed she's dating him. But, is she?

Jeniffer Tarazona shared a photo of DJ Diplo - is the '90 Day Fiance' alum dating him?

If you don't know who DJ Diplo is, he recently "dropped a country record." Billboard reported it's "one of many he's hyped up to Billboard at the 2019 AMAs, titled "Heartless," featuring Morgan Wallen." The 41-year-old DJ, songwriter, and producer works out of LA, California and his wallet's very well loaded. Jeniffer Tarazona shared a photo of her with him in a helicopter. The post on late Tuesday night got instant comments about them being in a relationship.

"90 Day Fiance" fans liked Jeniffer a lot. The mom, model, and very beautiful woman seemed better off without Tim, they felt. So, they're keen to follow her life post-TLC.

Jeniffer captioned her post with, "found this Hot supermodel @diplo Qué calor!" Naturally, fans commented on it. Some of them assumed she dated him and even congratulated her on the "upgrade." But, is she actually dating him?

Fans congratulate Jeniffer on her '90 Day Fiance' 'upgrade'

Here's what some of Jeniffer's fans said to Jeniffer about the photo of her and DJ Diplo:

  • "What took you so long gurl?"
  • "Talk about an upgrade! You deserve it, you’re beautiful from head to toe."
  • "Amazing! He’s more your style."
  • "Now we’re TALKIN!"
  • "Moving on up!"
  • "Yazzz girl Tim who?"
  • "Dang girl!! Good for you!! Love you."
  • "IM SOOOOOO HERE FOR THISSS!!!!!!! @jeniffer_tarazona @diplo show her how to loveeee againnnnnnnn."

But, it seems that some fans of "90 Day Fiance" didn't read all of Jeniffer's caption.

She mentioned in the first part of it that the photo happened to be in her gallery. Going through it, she found the pic and decided to share it. So, it sounds like it's not a recent picture. Probably, the dating rumors that instantly sparked are way off the mark.

Tim Malcolm follows DJ Diplo on Instagram

Taking a look over on Diplo's Instagram, it's immediately noticeable that Tim Malcolm from "90 Day Fiance" also follows Diplo.

So, it stands to reason he and Jeniffer may have met him at the same time. It looks like maybe Jeniffer Tarazona just met DJ Diplo and went for a ride in a helicopter. Actually, Tim may very well have been with her at the time. Diplo never married in the past although he has "two sons from a previous relationship with Kathryn Lockhart," according to Ranker.com. He previously dated the likes of "Madonna, Katy Perry, and M.I.A."

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