"90 Day Fiancé" star Anny got the shock of her life when Robert’s sister bluntly told her that the person she is about to marry is “poor.” In the latest episode of the TLC series, Robert’s sister Robin visited the couple in their home. Anny and Robin immediately bonded with each other, reports ET. Anny liked her so much that she felt comfortable enough to enumerate the grievances she has with Robert.

This was when Robin dropped a truth bomb into their conversation, telling her outright that Robert was broke. Robert, who was in the room with them, responded that he wasn’t.

He explained that, for him, a 'poor person is someone who lives in the streets'. Anny was not able to respond to Robin’s revelation.

Trouble in paradise - Robert and Anny's relationship

It is a surprise that Anny failed to see the forest for the trees because Robert’s financial struggles have been obvious to viewers since the beginning. The 30-year-old woman from the Dominican Republic memorably got disgusted at her fiancé’s decision to bring her to a thrift store to buy clothes.

Anny expected that they would be buying clothes for her in a luxury clothing store. She said that she was disappointed at Robert. She said he promised her a comfortable life, which was why she moved to America.

Another instance where Robert’s financial challenges became apparent was during their argument over an apartment. Robert took Anny to check out a property one day and Anny fell in love with the place because of its nice view.

It turns out that he just renewed his lease with his current apartment.

This meant that she will have to wait a year before they will be able to move to the property. Anny’s demand to hold their wedding at a Miami beach was also a big concern for Robert. This made him question whether she was really marrying him for love.

Bryson's mom

One of the biggest problems that "90 Day Fiancé" fans have had about Robert and Anny’s relationship was the absence of Bryson’s mom. During an Instagram Q&A, Robert explained that Bryson’s mom left them without an explanation when his son was still a baby. He also said that he does not have a clue whether she still talks to Bryson’s grandmother, who is still in his son’s life.

Stephanie clarifies controversial nude photo accusation from Robert

In related news, Bryson’s maternal grandmother, Stephanie Woodcock, broke her silence regarding Robert’s claim that she sent him a nude photo. Woodcock, an adult film star who goes by the name Diamond Foxxx, clarified that she was supposed to send the racy picture to her husband. However, Robert sent him a message while she was in the middle of taking a photo. Because of this, she accidentally sent the image to Robert. In response to the outrage, she said that the whole thing got blown out of proportion. In a previous Instagram Q&A, Robert admitted that he indeed saw an intimate picture of Woodcock. Robert made it clear that Woodcock told her it was an accident. But fans were still outraged.