"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Deavan Clegg's got huge issues with Laura Jallali. She originally called out Laura for lying about being pregnant and then suffering an ectopic pregnancy. The clash between the two recently got the spotlight again, after Deavan told her to "stop lying" about a romantic relationship with Tony of Instagram's @thechantelltea. Later, she slammed her on a John Yates Live on YouTube. Plus, her ex, Aladin Jallali snickered at her in another live on the same day. But, Laura now claims she's got no ill-feelings for Deavan - or any other cast members in the TLC show.

Deavan Clegg spills the beans on her issues with '90 Day Fiance's' Laura Jallali

Deavan appeared on a live with blogger and guru John Yates on YouTube this Wednesday. Basically, she outlined the problems she has with Laura. But, she also mentioned them in an Instagram post. The details came when she shared a post about making gingerbread. One "90 Day Fiance" critic asked her why she's so nasty to Laura, suggesting she's "jealous." The critic felt Laura never said anything bad about Deavan.

Deavan reacted strongly, saying, "she told cast members she was going to lie about being pregnant to get in the articles." Well, that certainly worked. But Deavan elaborated that she got angry as she (Deavan) really got pregnant and then lost her baby.

The "90 Day Fiance" star continued, saying Laura "continued to lie even though she told us it was a lie." Additionally, "while I was in pain hurting she was lying saying she had a miscarriage when she didn’t."

'90 Day' Deavan's got even more issues with Laura

Deavan also noted that Evelin and Laura threatened the cast. It came on one of their lives on Instagram.

Clegg says, "[They said] they would kill the other female cast members. And then she was talking sh*t about me to literally every blog page. So no f*ck her." All of that, and more got repeated to John Yates on YouTube, But later, John had another live, this time with Aladin, Laura's ex, and shortlived Tunisian husband. He also slammed Laura, but in a rather mocking way.

Actually, Monsters and Critics reported that the conversation pretty much got hijacked after Aladin used the N-word about John's hat. But that's another story. For that reason, we have not embedded the video here. In the actual interview about Laura, Aladin snickered about his ex-wife. The rather good-looking "90 Day Fiance" star used the words, "she just wants attention."

About the pregnancy lies, he said she's "disgusting." He also slammed the followers who defend her. He reiterated that the doctor told her she can't have a baby. And, as reported in October, someone who claimed to be an OBGYN weighed in with their thoughts about Laura's claim. And, it seems "she thinks Laura's not telling the truth." Nevertheless, despite Deavan and Aladin slamming her in the lives, Laura says there's no ill-feeling towards the cast.

Laura - no negative things to say about the '90 Day Fiance' cast

On Thursday night, Laura Jallali took to her Instagram and shared a Story about all the negativity going her way. Her Story said, "I have no negative comments to say about any of my cast from 90 Days (TOW)." She added, "They are all unique, and we all shared the same journey." Well, that's a turn around from the ugly lives done with her and Evelin after the Tell-All. Laura ended by saying of the "90 Day Fiance cast" - "God Bless Them All!."

What do you think about Laura Jallali claiming no ill-feelings for cast member Deavan Clegg and the others?

Are you surprised? After all, Deavan and Aladin just said some horrid things about her on the John Yates lives.

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